Expand Your Betting Options with Pay Per Head Bookie Software

By Dave Schwab

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor is not only looking for a wider variety of betting options when it comes to the sports they regularly bet on, they are also looking for a wider variety of sports and other gambling options when it comes to their overall online betting activity. As an independent sports bookmaker, this means that you need a Pay Per Head bookie software provider that has the ability to help you fill this need.

The days of just posting some standard betting lines for the top matchups on the board are long gone and you need a Pay Per Head service that can get you all the betting lines you need, when you need them to keep your entire sports betting customer base satisfied. The last thing any private bookie wants to do is lose business because one of their customers had to turn to an alternative betting outlet to place their bets.

Fortunately, today’s top price per head services have upped their game by making the proper investments in both their operating system and their online sportsbook management solutions to help you consistently level the playing field against the big offshore sportsbooks operating online.

Many of these PPH services can provide betting lines for well over 80 different sporting leagues in their sportsbook, 130 or more horse tracks in their racebook and over 30 different types of gambling options in their software application for your own online casino. This includes both an expanded platform for mobile gaming as well as betting action for live dealer table games.

If you do not have this kind of expanded access to a high volume of betting options across all three of these online gambling revenue streams, then it is probably time to find a new Pay Per Head site than can set you up with everything you need to run and manage a full-service sportsbook, racebook and online casino.

Another great way to expand your betting options with the help of your Pay Per Head provider is through an expanded offering of live in-game betting lines. This is probably one of the fastest growing segments of the Internet sports betting industry. Betting on games once they are underway is without a doubt one of the most exciting ways to bet on sports. The added action you can take in as a private bookie can also build some solid profits for your overall company’s bottom line.

To make the most of this unique betting opportunity, you need quick and easy access to live in-game betting lines for every game, every day of the year. The list of sports where live in-game lines are available on a continuous basis continues to expand and you need a PPH service that can keep pace with this growing demand. You also need the capability to set and move your own betting lines to best meet your specific business needs. Most of the top price per head providers include this added feature as part of the weekly per head fee you pay for each of your active betting customers.

More is better when it comes to building an independent sports bookmaking operation that is designed to deliver year-round profits on a long-term basis. If you want to generate more business from your existing customers while adding more sports bettors to your customer base, you need more from your Pay Per Head site when it comes to an expanded offering of betting choices. Do not sit back and let the big offshore books take in all of the extra action; start building out your board today to meet this growing need from today’s online sports bettors.

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