Independent sports bookmakers depend heavily upon Pay Per Head software management solutions when it comes to processing all the day-to-day online transactions that go into a business of this nature. While there are literally hundreds of choices when it comes to signing on with a price per head service; experience and expertise in the highly competitive world of Internet sports betting should be at the top of the list when making such an important business decision.

One Pay Per Head site that has demonstrated both of those attributes on a consistent basis is 247PPH. In business since 2005, their bookie agent list tops 1100 satisfied customers as one of the largest sportsbook management software suppliers in business today. Some of the main features associated with their sportsbook management solutions include player management reports complete with individual account profiles, a payment manager option to help track lines of credit against actual payments, detailed agent exposure and active player reports, an open bet ticker and a series of financial analytics for cash flow, agent adjustments, weekly payments and settled figures.

As a Pay Per Head industry leader, 247PPH offers cutting edge online bookie software with access to sharp betting lines for a wide array of both national and global sports, an extended selection of tracks for a racebook and an online casino with mobile gaming and live dealer table games.