Articles by Mike Sullivan

Mike is a writer who always focuses on thinking outside of the box. You’ll find that his articles are stat based and filled with analytics. Statistics are a huge part of his research and he will always try to give you the most educated analysis out there.

He’s also a big proponent of writing to the masses. He has a great sense for what people want to read and is very timely with his articles. His stories range from just about anything. He writes a lot of football and basketball stories, but you’ll definitely see him dive into the world of baseball, hockey, golf, and even sports like tennis and horse racing as well. If there’s a big story or a popular current event, he will write about it.

Mike will always challenge the readers to think critically, while examining the overall landscape of the story he’s writing about. He’s never afraid to write about any subject and always tries to give the people what they want to consume.

Mike has enjoyed the passion of sports writing for over a decade now and has written for many different publications. His knowledge, expertise, and writing versatility is something you’ll enjoy as a reader. When he’s not writing, he’s probably either enjoying the great outdoors…or…in front of a television watching sports!