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Who is The Rex Factor? Sports.

It is the one word that has defined The Rex Factor since he was old enough to hold a ball. His father was a high school basketball coach in Indiana when he was growing up in the 1980’s. The Rex Factor would often sit on the bench of his dad’s team in a jammed arena full of 5,000 or more fans – the true basketball mecca of the world in a state that then boasted 19 of the world’s 20 largest high school gymnasiums.

Naturally, The Rex Factor has been enamored with sports – all sports – since childhood and knew he was going to make some sort of living revolving around sports and sporting events. It drove him to earn a Journalism degree from a prestigious institution before he began a short sports writing career covering four different major conferences, dozens of local high schools and some professional basketball, football and baseball games.

He also was fortunate enough to cover the PGA Championship, the Breeders’ Cup and several Kentucky Derbies before hanging up his pen and deciding to look for more money in handicapping sporting events.

While several things have changed over the 20 years since The Rex Factor began to chase his dream of earning money in the field of sports, one thing has not – his passion to learn. He remains single and without children, devoting most of his waking time to being up to speed on anything and everything sports-related. Nothing you read from him comes without hours of research and devotion to every story he knocks out on the keyboard.

The Rex Factor is in constant communication with old sports writing friends thanks to twitter, e-mail and Facebook. His ability to seamlessly transfer information to his loyal readers over countless sports is virtually unparalleled in the sports information and distribution world.