Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Marketing

March 31, 2021

Imagine if you had a powerful language that would convert all your readers into leads. How good would it feel to have the right magic words that get your readers clicking on your call to action buttons and actually adding products to their carts?

Well, all these centres on hypnotic language. Hypnotic language has a way to make people do things that they would not have done were they not swayed to it. 

For example, when one is smoking, the hypnotist might suggest that the smoker will feel great once they stop smoking. Sports betting companies could tell gamers to imagine how good life would be if they won the jackpot and such language is highly likely to get you betting more.

Hypnosis is a subset of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). 

The art of neuro-linguistic programming uses language that subtly sways the audience to do things that they would otherwise have not done. 

You are trying to speak to their subconscious in a way that covertly gets them to behave as you please.

NLP was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder of the University of California as they tried to treat mental illnesses. 

NLP is no rocket-science; it uses normal language, but in a very intended way to suggest something to the mind. You are trying to appeal to the emotions of your prospective buyer so that they can take action.

How to successfully do neuro-linguistic programming in marketing

Using certain words to sway people into doing things was sure to excite marketers. 

Because, as marketers, we all want to influence our customers to buy and convert, right? Marketers have fused NLP into their pitches as well as digital content. And below is how you can use NLP in your sales copy and call to action buttons.

1.    Use phrases that are positive and create a happy mood

For your sales pages, you need to write an authentic, suspenseful copy that a reader can resonate with. 

They need to read it from top to bottom. Coupled with your flowing stories are positive words that create a happy mood in the reader’s mind. 

Words such as the one below have been found to get people clicking on the call to action buttons since they create happy anticipation:

·    Remarkable

·    Excellent

·    Progress

·    Thrive

·    Bonus

·    Deals

Customers surely want positive outcomes in their lives. It is your duty to assure them that with your product or service, they will experience this.

Case Study

Sportshandle uses luring terms such as ‘risk-free bet’ and ‘bonuses’ and ‘free bet’ to entice customers into wagering with their site.

2. Create scarcity and urgency

Marketers know very well that buyers fear it when something that was always there is suddenly disappearing from the shelves. 

It is called the fear of missing out (FOMO). Robert Cialdini says that the more you are led to believe that something is in short supply, the more you will need it. Urgently.

Every time people see that a certain offer is ending, they tend to buy quickly to not blame themselves for missing the opportunity. The following words have been applied to create urgency and scarcity if one does not take action:

·    Deadline

·    Now

·    Final

·    limited

·    Exclusive

In digital marketing, you will find that most websites have this offer time at the bottom of the page to emphasize the urgency for taking action.

Case study

When a game is about to kick-off, the betting odds start going low so that if you place your wager early enough in the game, you will win more. The amount of money you can win then goes decreasing as the game progresses. This pushes gamers to place their bets early enough so that they can enjoy high odds.

3. Create trust in your copy

You need to use adjectives that bring out trust for your brand and products. People need to see you as an authority and trustworthy brand. Below are a few adjectives that bring out such emotions in the eyes of the reader.

·    Guarantee

·    Proven

·    Genuine

·    Certified

Case Study

Covers have this guarantee that if you do not win their expertly predicted games, you do not have to pay anything. 

This will of course, lure many gamers since they want high earnings but with little to no risk on their money. On the footer widget, they also have lots of trust banners that show that they are GeoTrust, DSS and EU compliant.

4. Understand your audience first

David Ogilvy, the founder of Ogilvy, is famous for saying that your customer is not a moron. 

Bringing in a few adjectives and a captivating slogan will not get them buying. Your audience is like your wife; they are wise and need to be treated like so. 

You will need to give them all the information they are looking for because they are intelligent enough to be looking for it. Once you put yourself in your audience’s shoes, you will be able to get images, colours, and words that get them ticking.

Case study

Going through the most popular betting sites, you will find that they first analyze each team’s statistics and scores in the past so that they can come up with a prediction of which team to win. 

The odds given to each team depends on this history. Sports bettors want all this information before they can place their wager.

There is a general theme and color tone used in all betting sites. They look flashy and well decorated. The call to action buttons are mostly orange, yellow or red in colour. 

The background colours are mostly green or black. The sites also feature sportsmen images that lure bettors to linger for long because most of the bettors also happen to be sports fans. 

The use of beautiful female presenters has also been found to lure most male bettors.

The navigation menus are conspicuous and take you to the sport you want to place your bet for. They also have odds comparison so that the gamer can choose where to place their wager after being thoroughly informed.

4. Use persuasive content in your copy

To appeal to your audience’s emotions, you will need to use persuasive language that gets them to buy your products. 

Words like ‘imagine’ and ‘suppose’ fused into your copy have been found to get your audience thinking of how things would be great were they to go with your product.

Case Study

Words like risk free-bets and cash rebates have been found to influence gamers into betting into a sport. A study conducted showed that such words are highly likely to tempt problem gamers into betting since they have little or nothing to lose after all.

Betsmart, which is a monthly membership platform that helps you become a better punter in race betting, has the words ‘…no fixed terms, you can cancel anytime’. 

The site goes ahead to describe the expert analyzer as someone whose expert analysis has been featured on many leading media companies that deal in racing.

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