The trick with baseball is finding value on the best teams and following those teams all season long. This power ranking will be based on “against the spread” performance from week to week. In baseball, “the spread” is the “run line.” The money line is the straight up record. When a team wins a regular season game, they have just beaten the money line, but possibly, did not beat the run line. 

This ranking is not a popularity contest or which team has the best lineup or the best rotation. This ranking is about beating the spread, (money line/run line). We will base this ranking from week to week on who has a better record against the spread and the team’s performance from a betting perspective. In baseball, this usually means that the best teams, with the best records, are the decisively better teams to bet on, however, there are exceptions. 

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MLB ATS Trends:

Road Teams: 116-115 50.22%
Home Teams: 115-116 49.78%
Favorites: 97-134 41.99%
Underdogs: 134-97 58.01%
Road Favorites: 37-55 40.22%
Road Underdogs: 79-60 56.83%
Home Favorites: 60-79 43.17%
Home Underdogs: 55-37 59.78%

Over & Under Trends:

Extra-Inning Games: Overs 8 57.14% Unders 6 42.86%
Non-Extra-Inning Games: Overs 109 52.15% Unders 100 47.85%
Total Games: Overs 117 52.47% Unders 106 47.53%

1. Tampa Bay Rays

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 12-4 SU and 12-4-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 5

The Rays are on a hot streak with Austin Meadows tearing it up at the plate. This week will prove to be a nice test for bettors as they take on 3 with Baltimore and 3 against Boston. Right now, this team is nailing and they are door closers against the run line. 

2. Seattle Mariners

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 13-5 SU and 12-6-0 Rune Line 
Previous Rank: 1

If the Mariners are legitimate, then they will step up this week and take care of business against Cleveland and the Angels. The Mariners took a beating against Houston and this should be their sign; they are human. They can still win a pile of games. This week will be a great test of their ability to bounce back. 

3. San Diego Padres

World Series Odds: +10000
Record: 11-6 SU and 10-7-0 Run line
Previous Rank: 8

The Padres can end up being a very good bet this year at least here in the early going, coming off a 7-3 road trip is a boon, and now facing 2 against Colorado and 4 against the Reds. This week should be great for the run line and should see at least 4 wins.

4. Houston Astros

World Series Odds: +650
Record: 11-5 SU and 6-10-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 17

The Astros have finally found their groove with a 9-game winning streak heading into Oakland and Texas. When the Astros dial it up, they are hard to beat. Altuve is on a roll and this team will be tough. They are here in the 4-spot, based on the run line and record, but look for them to move on up quickly. 

5. Oakland Athletics

World Series Odds: +3400
Record: 10-9 SU and 11-8-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 10

Khris Davis and his league-leading 10 homers, is carrying this team, the bad news; they are facing the Astros, the good news; they will not see Verlander or Cole. Could be a great week for the A’s. They are hitting and that matters. 

6. Milwaukee Brewers

World Series Odds: +1725
Record: 10-6 SU and 7-9-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 3

The Brewers are going to be a solid money line bet all-season, however, be careful against the run line. Vegas loves to give this team too much credit and they keep too many games close.  

7. St. Louis Cardinals

World Series Odds: +1500
Record: 9-6 SU and 11-4-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 18

The Cardinals are the opposite of the Brewers, they are winning the run line and in grand fashion. This team is going to be good and most likely finish first (we know it’s early) but look at the Cubs!

8. New York Mets

World Series Odds: +2500
Record: 9-6 SU and 9-6-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 6

The Mets keep winning and that means money in your pocket. They still have a lot to prove and we will have a much better idea of this teams metal after 3 against the Cards and 3 against Philly.

9. Atlanta Braves

World Series Odds: +2350
Record: 9-6 SU and 8-7-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 16

The Braves are a solid baseball team with a chance to move way up this week as they face the Diamondbacks and Indians. 

10. Philadelphia Phillies

World Series Odds: +950
Record: 9-5 SU and 7-7-0 Rune Line
Previous Rank: 7

The Phils are not meeting expectations, but then again, those expectations are high after the signing of a $330 mil guy! Can they beat the Mets? Surely, they can beat the Rockies!

11. Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Odds: +815
Record: 9-8 SU and 7-10-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 2

The Dodgers are in unfamiliar territory for this time of year looking up at the Padres. Will this last? It could, the Padres are very solid, and the Dodgers are doing what they do best, disappoint. Look, don’t jump off the bridge just yet, the Dodgers have a ton of talent and they will figure this out, just as the Sox and Yankees.

12. Los Angeles Angels

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 8-7 SU and 10-5-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 19

The Angels get trout back this week and that means a great deal to bettors. Look at the run line now, put Trout in the lineup… this could be a team that battles for first place in this ranking.  

13. Detroit Tigers

World Series Odds: +20000
Record: 8-7 SU and 9-6-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 4

The Detroit Tigers are still playing big and it won't last. Do not bet the farm on this teams pitching as the season wears on, definitely, don’t bet on consistency from the plate. 

14. Pittsburgh Pirates

World Series Odds: +10000
Record: 8-6 SU and 8-6-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 15

This may be the best week to get in on the Pirates as they face Detroit and the Giants. Easy schedule should mean easy wins.

15. Minnesota Twins

World Series Odds: +5250
Record: 8-4 SU and 6-6-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 14

The Twins are playing Toronto and Baltimore this week and if they don’t come out ahead, then never bet them again! Sound foolish? It's Toronto and Baltimore…

16. Cleveland Indians

World Series Odds: +1300 
Record: 8-7 SU and 7-8-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 9

The Indians were swept by the Royals and Kluber is struggling. Money line against is the thought here. The Indians bats are not enough.

17. Texas Rangers

World Series Odds: +50000
Record: 7-7 SU and 9-5-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 12

The Rangers will lose more than they win this week and just may get swept by the Astros, to boot, Trout is making the trip with the Angels, that’s a problem!

18. Arizona Diamondbacks

World Series Odds: +13500
Record: 7-9 SU and 9-7-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 11

The D Backs are set for a 10-game roadie, coming off a 4-5 homestand, this next 10 games will make or break this team. Things look bad. 

19. Washington Nationals

World Series Odds: +1500
Record: 7-7 SU and 6-8-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 21

The Nationals are struggling; however, they can turn it around this week in Miami and against the Giants. Anthony Rendon is the bright spot.

20. San Francisco Giants

World Series Odds: +12500
Record: 7-10 SU and 7-10-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 23

The Giants are last in nearly every category. A sad state of affairs in a once proud baseball town. This week will be difficult for them to find 1 or even 2 wins. 

21. New York Yankees

World Series Odds: +600
Record: 6-9 SU and 7-8-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 13

The Yankees are a huge disappointment, but we have to think they find their way out of this mess. Losing 5 of 6 is a betting nightmare and to boot, they are losing the run line. 

22. Baltimore Orioles

World Series Odds: +100000
Record: 6-10 SU and 6-10-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 20

The Orioles are back on planet earth and losing! Right, where we expected them to be. They could salvage a game or two this week with the return of Alex Cobb.

23. Boston Red Sox

World Series Odds: +700
Record: 6-10 SU and 3-13-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 26

The Red Sox are awful right now, it won’t last, look at the Astros. The Sox will be fine and will find their groove.

24. Kansas City Royals

World Series Odds: +100000
Record: 5-10 SU and 9-6-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 27

The Royals are really bad but amazingly, they are holding their own in close games. They were swept by the Mariners but then swept Cleveland, so go figure! They are worthy of a run line look. 

25. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Odds: +10000
Record: 5-11 SU and 7-9-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 24

The Toronto Blue Jays are struggling, the injury bug has hit, and they have no pitching. Look for things to hit rock bottom in the AL East. 

26. Cincinnati Reds

World Series Odds: +10000
Record: 5-9 SU and 6-8-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 30

The Reds have picked it up, they are still not a team to count on or for that matter even a team to bet on, however, they may be a team to NOT bet against. The Reds are motivated in LA, and Puig returns. Last season comes to mind… Food for thought…

27. Chicago Cubs

World Series Odds: +1350
Record: 5-9 SU and 5-9-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 29

All of the other guys can say all of the great things about the Cubs, let them say it because we are looking at what they actually do… They are 5-9 against both, the money line as well as the run line. This team is not a worthy bet. 

28. Chicago White Sox

World Series Odds: +20000
Record: 5-9 SU and 5-9-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 28

The Sox are hitting the ball well but unfortunately, so are their opponents! There is hope on the other side of Cublandia, the Sox will be better this year then the lovable.

29. Miami Marlins

World Series Odds: +50000
Record: 4-12 SU and 7-9-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 22

The Marlins are a bad baseball team and they have a very dim future. This is a great team to bet against and will be all season.

30. Colorado Rockies

World Series Odds: +2800
Record: 4-12 SU and 5-11-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 25

The Rockies and the Marlins should form their own 2-man league and just beat each other up. These two can’t buy wins. The Rockies have some pitching and Marquez will be tough, and a bright spot. Follow him every five days and win a little, otherwise run!

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