The trick with baseball is finding value on the best teams and following those teams all-season long. This power ranking will be based on “against the spread” performance from week to week. In baseball, “the spread” is the “run line.” The money line is the straight up record. When a team wins a regular season game, they have just beaten the money line, but possibly, did not beat the run line.

This ranking is not a popularity contest or which team has the best lineup or the best rotation. This ranking is about beating the spread, (money line/run line). We will base this ranking from week to week on who has the better record against the spread and the team’s performance from a betting perspective. In baseball, this usually means that the best teams, with the best records, are the decisively better teams to bet on, however, there are exceptions.

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MLB ATS Trends:

Road Teams: 217-198 52.29%

Home Teams: 198-217 47.71%

Favorites: 177-238 42.65%

Underdogs: 238-177 57.35 %

Road Favorites: 62-83 42.76%

Road Underdogs: 155-115 57.41%

Home Favorites: 115-155 42.59%

Home Underdogs: 83-62 57.24%

Over & Under Trends:

Extra-Inning Games: Overs-15-48.39% | Unders-16 51.61%

Non-Extra-Inning Games: Overs-189 51.08% | Unders-181 48.92%

Total Games: Overs-204 50.87% | Unders-197 49.13%

1. Tampa Bay Rays

World Series Odds: +1400
Record: 18-9 SU and 18-9-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 3rd

The Rays continue to pound the baseball and continue racking up the wins, best of all, they’re finding ways to win on the road. The home wins will come their way, getting over in Fenway is a big bonus. This team is the real deal against the spread and run line.

2. Minnesota Twins

World Series Odds: +3300
Record: 16-9 SU and 12-13-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 7th

The Twins have amassed the second-best record in baseball and that matter to bettors. Michael Pineda may not be Maddux, Glavine, or Smoltz just yet, however, he is a much-needed asset that sat out the entire last season. The Twins have a serious chance to win this division.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Odds: +550
Record: 19-11 SU and 12-18-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 2nd

The Dodgers have put together an amazing April and Bellinger is a key element to this success. This team is blessed with talent. Puig who?

4. St. Louis Cardinals

World Series Odds: +1400
Record: 17-10 SU and 18-9-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 9th

The Cardinals keep getting better and have picked up the pace with a sweep of the Brewers, that’s a big deal. This team has balance, and Paul Goldschmidt! Look for the Cardinals to keep bringing big bats and consistent pitching, along with fantastic defense. They will win a lot of baseball games.

5. New York Yankees

World Series Odds: +1800
Record: 17-11 SU and 15-13-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 14th

With the return of Sanchez, the Yankees are back in business and with 8 homers in just 15 games, Sanchez is more than an asset, he’s a key element. This team is blessed with the best pen in the majors along with a murderers row; that once it gets hot, watch out.

6. Houston Astros

World Series Odds: +500
Record: 17-11 SU and 11-17-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 4th

The Astros have found their way back and that means taking over the AL West by two games. The Astros have World Series winning talent, and that will be hard to keep in check. The Mariners are hanging around but will that last all-season? Find a first baseman -- this team is the best in baseball.

7. Seattle Mariners

World Series Odds: +2800
Record: 18-13 SU and 17-14-0 Rune Line
Previous Rank: 1st

“The Seattle Mariners are legitimate.” Is what we said last week, we stick by that. This team is growing and along with growing comes pain… Beckham is hitting but must find his inner Jeter! Santana will never find his inner Griffey! However, he has potential. The team must limit the errors.

8. Arizona Diamondbacks

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 16-13 SU and 19-10-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 16th

The D Backs had their chances last season and we knew they had potential, we didn’t see it coming along this soon. What a nice surprise for the fans in Phoenix. This team has pitched their buts off in the early going, they’re going to need this trend going into the summer – the NL west is brutal. Right now they are a solid bet, especially against the run line.

9. Philadelphia Phillies

World Series Odds: +900
Record: 16-12 SU and 14-14-0 Rune Line
Previous Rank: 10th

“The Phils are disappointing for one reason; they are not 18-3! Come on now, Harper is good, and he will have a lasting impact for years to come but expecting a miracle; it’s too early. This team will get better and fight all-season for the division.” (last week’s comments) Baseball is a grind, the Phils will be tough, keep giving them time.

10. San Diego Padres

World Series Odds: +3300
Record: 16-12 SU and 14-14-0 Run line
Previous Rank: 12th

Yates is the bomb diggity and the bats have stayed steady. The run line is a losing proposition right now, but the money line is making money. Will it continue? Depends on the Dodgers, Diamondbacks, and Rockies. The Giants don’t count! The NL West is tough, there may not be a real path this season, but who knows… Time will tell.

11. Cleveland Indians

World Series Odds: +1400
Record: 15-12 SU and 14-13-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 11th

The Indians are not-- and have not been a bad baseball team. These guys can “hit like Mays and run like Hays”! Can they pitch, and can it last all-season? Yes, why not? They need a gun and who knows, they might find one, should they… they will win the division.

12. Milwaukee Brewers

World Series Odds: +1400
Record: 15-14 SU and 14-15-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 5th

The Brewers must find offense on the road or they bring no real value to the betting table, however, they are ripping it up at home. Count on them win the home series, stay away from the road and never bet the run line.

13. Chicago Cubs

World Series Odds: +1800
Record: 14-12 SU and 14-12-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 20th

The Cubs are mediocre at best but that could change with the return of Russell, however, that uproots Baez. A lot of questions remain unanswered with the Cubs. They’re winning, barely.

14. Texas Rangers

World Series Odds: +12500
Record: 14-13 SU and 17-10-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 8th

The Rangers are a much better bet on the run line than the money line. 14-13 is not bringing it home but they keep games close. The +1.5 should remain a good bet.

15. New York Mets

World Series Odds: +1800
Record: 14-13 SU and 15-12-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 13th

The Mets are hitting well, the rotation is a mystery, and we all know where teams go with a mysterious rotation!

16. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 14-14 SU and 16-12-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 17th

The Toronto Blue Jays are a better bet against, than for. They must make some moves in order to compete in the AL East or this season will be quickly lost.

17. Oakland Athletics

World Series Odds: +4000
Record: 14-16 SU and 14-16-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 18th

Another team with growing pains and a tough row to hoe in the AL West. The Mariners are better, the Astros are certainly better, and the Rangers could end up being better.

18. Atlanta Braves

World Series Odds: +2000
Record: 13-14 SU and 12-15-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 15th

The Braves have had a bummy start to this season after what was such a great finish last season. So far, this season looks like “the same old Braves”; bad!

19. Colorado Rockies

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 13-15 SU and 14-14-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 23rd

The Rockies may catch fire, maybe we gave up on them too soon, but in the NL East, no probably not. Bet this team when playing out of the division. With 10 of the last 13, they have been solid against the money line.

20. Detroit Tigers

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 12-14 SU and 14-12-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 19th

Cabrera finally hit a homer, but does it matter? Maybe, they needed an offensive spark, this could be a much-needed boost to the teams overall moral.

21. Pittsburgh Pirates

World Series Odds: +4000
Record: 12-14 SU and 12-14-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 6th

The Pirates are struggling after having been on fire the previous week. This one is most definitely “the same old Pirates” they have come back down to earth. Polanco will get back in the groove, possibly their fate has a better landing this week.

22. Washington Nationals

World Series Odds: +2000
Record: 12-14 SU and 10-16-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 21st

The Nationals are hitting the ball well with a roster full of youth; rebuilding? Possibly…

23. Los Angeles Angels

World Series Odds: +10000
Record: 12-17 SU and 18-11-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 22nd

The Angels have very little offense and in the AL West, that’s a losing formula.

24. Chicago White Sox

World Series Odds: +20000
Record: 11-14 SU and 11-14-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 27th

ERA is killing this team, bet against them on the run line.

25. Cincinnati Reds

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 11-16 SU and 14-13-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 26th

The Reds will struggle to maintain near a .500 record this season but will keep games close. Iglesias is a work in progress.

26. San Francisco Giants

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 11-17 SU and 11-17-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 25th

The Giants have big-time problems across the board and the prospects of improving are minimal. This team needs a fire sale, bad!

27. Boston Red Sox

Odds: +1000
Record: 11-17 SU and 8-20-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 24th

““The Red Sox are awful right now, it won’t last, look at the Astros. The Sox will be fine and will find their groove.” We still believe this team is loaded with talent and they will start winning. Be cautious, don’t bet the farm, let them get back in their own time. “” We still believe…

28. Baltimore Orioles

World Series Odds: +50000
Record: 10-19 SU and 11-18-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 28th

The Orioles pitching is awful, this team can hit but it matters not. Bet against a team that can’t pitch to save their lives!

29. Kansas City Royals

World Series Odds: +50000
Record: 9-19 SU and 15-13-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 29th

“The Royals are still a bad baseball team and what’s amazing, their run line record… Look, this will not last, they are the Royals and unfortunately for their fans, they are awful.” It will continue to not last, start betting against the Royals.

30. Miami Marlins

World Series Odds: +50000
Record: 8-20 SU and 11-17-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 30th

The Marlins lack talent in the lineup, however, they are working on a very good rotation, along with an elite bullpen! Pitching spells winning, this team will not stay here in 30th, not going to happen.

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