The trick with baseball is finding value on the best teams and following those teams all season long. This power ranking will be based on “against the spread” performance from week to week. In baseball, “the spread” is the “run line.” The money line is the straight up record. When a team wins a regular season game, they have just beaten the money line, but possibly, did not beat the run line. 

This ranking is not a popularity contest or which team has the best lineup or the best rotation. This ranking is about beating the spread, (money line/run line). We will base this ranking from week to week on who has a better record against the spread and the team’s performance from a betting perspective. In baseball, this usually means that the best teams, with the best records, are the decisively better teams to bet on, however, there are exceptions. 

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MLB ATS Trends:

Road Teams: 257-234 52.34%
Home Teams: 234-257 47.66%
Favorites: 206-285 41.96%
Underdogs: 285-206 58.04 %
Road Favorites: 75-103 42.13%
Road Underdogs: 182-131 58.15%
Home Favorites: 131-182 41.85%
Home Underdogs: 103-75 57.87%

Over & Under Trends:

Extra-Inning Games: Overs- 16-44.44% | Unders- 20 55.56%
Non-Extra-Inning Games: Overs- 226 51.36% | Unders- 214 48.64%
Total Games: Overs- 242 50.84% | Unders- 234 49.16%

1. Tampa Bay Rays

World Series Odds: +1200
Record: 21-12 SU and 21-12-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 1

It would be easy to go with the fan favorite and say the Dodgers are the best team in baseball, however, that is simply not true. The Rays are the best team in baseball from top to bottom. It matters not whether you are betting them, or just a fan, they are the best team to bet, and the best team to watch. At 21-12 against the RL, they are the team to keep betting.

2. Chicago Cubs

World Series Odds: +1800
Record: 19-12 SU and 17-14-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 13

The Cubs just may be back and right where they want to be. This team has won seven straight and swept the Cardinals in the process. Look out NL Central, the “new, old” sheriff is back in town.  

3. Minnesota Twins

World Series Odds: +2500
Record: 20-12 SU and 16-16-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 2

The Twins are 7-3 having lost one coming in. This team could be a force and they are a great bet straight up, the ML is suspect, one more arm and this team will be a contender. 

4. Arizona Diamondbacks

World Series Odds: +6600
Record: 20-14 SU and 23-11-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 8

The D Backs are the biggest surprise in baseball and they will continue this trend if the bullie stays healthy. This team is hitting a ton and winning the RL. 

5. St. Louis Cardinals

World Series Odds: +1200
Record: 20-14 SU and 22-12-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 4

The Cardinals have taken a hit on the ML but still, have a very good record against the RL. Getting swept by their rivals, no surprise. The Cardinals have the pitching, they need the consistent hitting.

6. New York Yankees

World Series Odds: +600
Record: 19-14 SU and 17-16-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 5

From top to bottom, the Yankees are the best team in baseball and they will prove it. As their record improves, the run line will follow. Bet the Yankees and win, period!

7. Philadelphia Phillies

World Series Odds: +1000
Record: 19-14 SU and 17-16-0 Rune Line
Previous Rank: 9

The Phillies have picked it up and have won seven of their last ten games. They will get better and they are getting help in the division. 

8. Cleveland Indians

World Series Odds: +1600
Record: 18-14 SU and 15-17-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 11

The Indians keep getting better and keep moving up as they continue to pound the baseball and continue to pitch well in late innings. Watch out for the Indians, they’re going to be a contender all season. 

9. Houston Astros

World Series Odds: +475
Record: 20-14 SU and 14-20-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 6

The Astros have struggled to find a groove and stay in it. They are a highly talented team but would be in a hole had the Mariners not have taken a dump. The RL is awful, but the ML is a worthy look as always.  

10. Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Odds: +500
Record: 22-14 SU and 13-23-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 3

The Dodgers had a fantastic April and an ok start to May, they will be back near the top, the Dodgers are late bloomers. 

11. Pittsburgh Pirates

World Series Odds: +6600
Record: 16-15 SU and 16-15-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 21

The Pirates have won a couple and they know how it feels to win now so count on them to stay above .500 but probably not much more. They must win more at home. 

12. Texas Rangers

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 16-16 SU and 19-13-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 14

The Rangers are still a great bet against the RL but risky straight up. It’s surprising they have hung around this long, their stock will drop quickly. 

13. San Diego Padres

World Series Odds: +4000
Record: 19-16 SU and 19-16-0 Run line
Previous Rank: 10

The Padres are going to struggle before they get better, they have talent, but they lack the arms. If they are serious, they will acquire a boomer on the hill. 

14. Atlanta Braves

World Series Odds: +2200
Record: 18-16 SU and 17-17-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 18

The Braves have picked it up and won three in a row, this is another team that must win at home, look for them on the RL, on the road.  

15. Milwaukee Brewers

World Series Odds: +1400
Record: 20-16 SU and 17-19-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 12

The Brewers are struggling on the road but 13-8 at home. They must channel that and play better. This team had their opportunities in the offseason but squandered them.

16. Detroit Tigers

World Series Odds: +20000
Record: 15-16 SU and 16-15-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 20

The Tigers could be a good bet and fortunately for them, they play in a mediocre division. They have an outside chance to do something this season but be careful. This team is not there yet.

17. Seattle Mariners

World Series Odds: +3300
Record: 19-17 SU and 21-15-0 Rune Line 
Previous Rank: 7

The Mariners have taken a huge step backwards and it’s ugly. This is what they do every season. They are still a good RL team and they have big bats. They will continue to hit but will lose a lot of games with that pitching. 

18. New York Mets

World Series Odds: +2000
Record: 16-18 SU and 18-16-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 15

The Mets are who we thought they were, and we are not letting them off the hook. Right now, the better bet is against them, bot RL and ML. 

19. Boston Red Sox

World Series Odds: +1200
Record: 17-18 SU and 14-21-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 27

The Red Sox are still not great, but they still have the same great talent that won them another World Series. They will get better. The pitching looks old and that’s a problem. 

20. Chicago White Sox

World Series Odds: +25000
Record: 14-18 SU and 13-19-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 24

The White Sox are battling the Tigers and Royals for the honor of worst, they will not win this battle against the Royals! The Royals are awful; however, it will be close, the Sox are not very good. 

21. Los Angeles Angels

World Series Odds: +12500
Record: 15-19 SU and 20-14-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 23

The Angels have come along, but slowly, lay off the ML, bet the RL and be patient. Remember, they still have the best player in baseball.

22. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 15-19 SU and 18-16-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 16

The Toronto Blue Jays are going nowhere and quickly. They have no pitching and no bullpen, that’s a losing formula for any team. At least the Royals have some hitting!

23. Colorado Rockies

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 16-19 SU and 17-18-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 19

The Rockies never really caught the fire we were thinking they might and instead have gone the way of the Giants. After going 5-5 in the last ten games, look for them to struggle in a tough division.  

24. San Francisco Giants

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 15-19 SU and 15-19-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 26

The Giants are a mess! Possibly Bochy needs to go – they all need to go. Posey looks old and he’s their guy. Its oversell everybody and start fresh.  

25. Washington Nationals

World Series Odds: +2200
Record: 14-19 SU and 12-21-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 22

The Nationals had a terrible week and they look like they lost Harper, they finally show the effects of losing the big star. 

26. Cincinnati Reds

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 14-20 SU and 18-16-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 25

The Reds have won eight games at home for a .500 record, not bad considering what they have to work with. The team can get better but will struggle in the NL Central. 

27. Oakland Athletics

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 15-21 SU and 15-21-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 17

Last season’s magic packed up its bag and hit the road. This team is struggling, and we knew they would; they have no pitching bet against them RL.

28. Baltimore Orioles

World Series Odds: +50000
Record: 12-22 SU and 14-20-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 28

The Orioles are the second worst team in baseball and show little promise of much improvement. They have a hitter and a pitcher, that’s it! 

29. Kansas City Royals

World Series Odds: +50000
Record: 12-23 SU and 19-16-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 29

Call us crazy, but we think this team has more potential than what has been shown. They are bad right now but be patient.  

30. Miami Marlins

World Series Odds: +75000
Record: 9-24 SU and 12-21-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 30

Don’t be patient! This team is a work in progress. They must get better, there is simply nowhere else to go. Jeter is realizing exactly how difficult this GM thing really is. The pitching has potential and the hitting could be great, but they are young and lack heart. They must find it quick. 

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