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At one point in this illustrious season, the Washington Nationals were 50-1 underdogs to win the World Series. On May 23rd, the prognosticators looked like geniuses as the Nationals were in the cellar with a 19-31 record. The Nationals had just lost Bryce Harper and they looked as if they could be contemplating a fire sale and that cashing it all in was a better plan than coaching the personnel they had and trying to make something out of what seemed like nothing. The current odds to win the MLB World Series look like this: (Houston Astros -220, Washington Nationals +180). 

The odds in this year's World Series are rare indeed and close to never, have bettors seen the likes of -200, let alone -220. Public perception is everything when it comes to the setting of the lines and odds. The general betting public thinks and believes there is no way around the Houston Astros. There is no question about the talent and heart of this team. They won 107 games during the course of the regular season and they will be a formidable foe in this World Series. 

The Astros are sitting at a 60% chance to win the World Series according to many of the best MLB betting advice sites. This gives the Washington Nationals a 40% chance of winning. The first thought is; who wouldn’t bet on the 60% shot, why would anyone bet on the 40% chance? This is a fair question and one that should be addressed.

Washington Nationals +180

The Nationals turned the season around after May 23rd to the tune of a 74-38 record. They went on to win the Wildcard and defeated the Brewers then moved on to a team that no MLB betting advisors gave them a chance to beat – the Dodgers. The Nationals proved the naysayers wrong with a 3-2 series victory over the mighty Dodgers and the wall for the playoffs came tumbling down with the first-ever series playoff win for the Nationals. 

We all know what happened next when the Nationals paid a visit to the surging Cardinals – Sweep! Again, the odds were not even ‘kind of’ on the side of the Nationals to get the sweep. This team defied the odds again. Nobody expected the Cardinals to get swept. 


When Will The Series Finish
Game 4+1100
Game 5+275
Game 6+162
Game 7+162

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There is no denying the heart of the Washington Nationals. They were on the verge of a fire sale after losing Harper and nobody believed in their chances, including Las Vegas. The online bookmakers believed in them even less with odds as high as 75/1. They are here and they will do battle, but can they win this year’s World Series?

Houston Astros -220

The Astros also defied the odds. Sure, they were one of the favorites to win the World Series coming into the season, however, the Yankees were the favorite to win the AL Championship. Again, very few MLB betting advisors gave the Astros a real shot at winning the series with the Yankees. The best stat of all; the Astros not only won the series on an Altuve shot in “extras” to send the Yankees packing, but they also won the series having lost a game that Verlander started. Nobody would have given the Astros a chance to win the ALCS if they could have known that Verlander would lose a game.

The Astros are all about pitching but, they are also all about everything. We spoke of the Nationals having “heart”, no team has a bigger heart than the Houston Astros. “They hit like  Mays, they run like Hayes” This team defends extremely well and at the top of the seventh inning of the final game against the Yankees, we all witnessed one of the greatest double plays in MLB Playoff history.


Series Correct Score
Nationals to win 4-0+1100
Nationals to win 4-1+500
Nationals to win 4-2+550
Nationals to win 4-3+550
Astros to win 4-1+700
Astros to win 4-2+333
Astros to win 4-3+300

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The National will be tough. We do not think they lay down; however, the Astros have the better pitching and that’s exactly why they won 107 games and are here in their second World Series in three years. 

Cole is up first for the Astros, then it’s Verlander, then Greinke. That’s the starting 3-games and we have to say 2-0 Houston at home. On the road, we like The Nationals to pick up one, and probably two games but we don’t see the Astros losing three in a row. Thus, sending the series back to Houston with the Astros leading 3-2 and finishing in game six. The Astros win this series in six games, for their second World Series title in three years. Be sure to check out all of the fantastic World Series previews and Predictions from some of the best game advising sites on the internet. 

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