By Doug Upstone

Less than two years ago, the NL Central had three teams that won 97 to 100 games and St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Chicago made baseball bettors over +58 units of profit. The way this season has started for this division, they might not have a team even reach 90 victories. What should a bettor do with this division? The answer: tread lightly for now.

Milwaukee - The Brewers Have to Hit to Win

A lot of bar bets could have been won if any of us would have had the nerve to say Milwaukee would be leading this division on the first of June. The Brewers have gotten to point of been a top five wager based on an offense that averages 5.1 runs per contest.

The concern about the Brew Crew is the pitching. By ERA standards they are middle of the road in the National League, however, the bullpen is one of the most used and not exactly star-studded. If the Milwaukee bats go cold, play against material.

St. Louis - Can the Cardinals Overcome Themselves?

If you have followed baseball and been wagering on it for say, at least five years, the Cardinals have been a franchise that always did things right. Since 1960, St. Louis fans have only had consecutive losing seasons once (1994-95 and '94 was strike-shorten to 115 games). This year has been different, as the Cardinals are only scoring 4.2 RPG, have the worst bullpen ERA in the senior circuit and are one of the poorest fielding teams in the league in spite of among the fewest total chances. Can you really trust the Redbirds?

Chicago - Where Did All the Bravado?

The last time a NL team repeated as World Series champions was the Cincinnati Reds in 1975-76. While it was not a certainty the Cubs would repeat as champs after 108 years, this group of talent gave the feel of an annual contender. No question the hunted is different than the hunter, nevertheless, when you have superior talent and you just keep going through the motions and show no emotion in winning or losing, you appear to be a dead ballclub. Oddsmakers are still inflating the Cubs numbers and sharp bettors are enjoying playing against the worst wager in the sport. Until this group gets angry, hard to back them.

Cincinnati - The Reds Score and Allow a Lot of Runs

As the paragraph title reads, baseball bettors are well aware Cincinnati has a potent offense that rings up about 5 RPG and has starting pitchers concede an earned run average of almost six. At least the bullpen is strong in ranking third in ERA, yet at some point all the innings will catch up with them. The strength of wagering on the Reds to this point is betting on OVER's, which has been the correct side about 60 percent of the time.

Pittsburgh - The Window Has Closed

After 20 straight losing seasons, Pittsburgh finally assembled a winning team and from 2013 to 2015, they averaged better than 93 victories a season. Unfortunately the Pirates were built for the long run and not the playoffs and never played for a NL pennant. With Andrew McCutchen in a steep decline, Starling Marte suspended and too many young starting pitchers, this is not the same Bucs bunch we saw a few years ago. The best way to make picks for Pittsburgh, bet against them on the road and possibly a parlay with the UNDER

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