With twenty games or less to go for baseball teams, Major League Baseball is down the home stretch for the 2016 regular season. Wonderful to see everyone made it after a frantic weekend of athletic action here at Scores and Stats. How the world has changed since the Boss passed away that the New York Yankees are in a Wild Card chase and are almost overlooked? Meanwhile, the National League has essentially three teams battling for their two non-division spots. With an 1/8 of the MLB season remaining, who has enough fuel to cross the finish line and salvage their 2016 seasons? Check it out right here, right now.

The Beast is Back

Stacked top to almost bottom, the AL East is a glut of concentrated quality squads. The fourth place team in the division is just two games out of the wild card. For a lot of casual fans, once A-Rod rode off into the sunset, it was assumed the Yankees would just linger and finish near the .500 mark. Not so fast as the annual scramble for coach Joe Girardi to save his job is in full swing.

Most of the media was enthralled with the Baltimore Orioles taking it to the suddenly anemic Detroit Tigers. However, the Yankees had been reeling off wins on this extended home stand. Finally, they lost their first game in a week 4-2 to the Rays yesterday. Now they get the brand names to contend with. The Dodgers come in for three and then they get their dreaded rivals in the Boston Red Sox. Hard to make up ground against these juggernauts but this 2016 edition of the New York Yankees has been getting it done when people least expect it.

NL Notes of Interest

Miami did a wonderful job of salvaging their season when Dee Gordon went down with his PED suspension but slid off the map when Giancarlo Stanton got hurt. We did not know that there were grades associated with groin strains but at three it was one of the more serious ones. That is why we were shocked when Miami rushed him back and activated him on the 6th. 

Since then, he has had three pinch hit roles with one hit and two strikeouts. Difficult to imagine him getting the torsion necessary in his lower body to drive the ball for distance. With the Marlins now at 71-72, they should just shut the super star down for the rest of the season. St. Louis, San Francisco, and the Mets are miles ahead in the wild card pursuit. The team invested an over $300 million contract for him. A one game series to get into the divisional round of the playoffs is not worth it if by some miracle the Marlins turn it around in the last nineteen games they have left.

The Yankees have relevant baseball with big name markets remaining these last few weeks. The league has to be happy with that. Fans of the Marlins cannot be quite content with them have a hobbling Stanton coming out for a pinch at bat now and then with them below the .500 mark. We have a ton of great action remaining this MLB season. Stay tuned to Scores and Stats as we bring it all to you in the comfort of your home or mobile device this September and October.

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We regret to announce that Mr. Cashman past away towards the end of 2016. RIP

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