The trick with baseball is finding value on the best teams and following those teams all season long. This power ranking will be based on “against the spread” performance from week to week. In baseball, “the spread” is the “run line.” The money line is the straight up record. When a team wins a regular season game, they have just beaten the money line, but possibly, did not beat the run line. 

This ranking is not a popularity contest or which team has the best lineup or the best rotation. This ranking is about beating the spread, (money line/run line). We will base this ranking from week to week on who has a better record against the spread and the team’s performance from a betting perspective. In baseball, this usually means that the best teams, with the best records, are the decisively better teams to bet on, however, there are exceptions. 

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MLB ATS Trends:

Road Teams: 730-614 54.32%
Home Teams: 614-730 45.68%
Favorites: 556-748 44.35%
Underdogs: 748-596 55.65%
Road Favorites: 234-252 48.15%
Road Underdogs: 496-362 57.81%
Home Favorites: 362-496 42.19%
Home Underdogs: 252-234 51.85%

Over & Under Trends:

Extra-Inning Games: Overs- 56-50.91% | Unders- 54- 49.09%
Non-Extra-Inning Games: Overs- 596 51.03% | Unders- 572 48.97%
Total Games: Overs- 652 51.02% | Unders- 626 48.98%

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Odds: +275
Record: 60-32 SU and 42-50-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 1
The first half of this season has been a fun one, and a close one, but the Dodgers have stayed the course and look for that to continue.

2. New York Yankees

World Series Odds: +325
Record: 57-31 SU and 52-36-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 2
The Yankees hit second place for the second week in a row, but Houston is breathing down their necks.

3. Houston Astros 

World Series Odds: +350
Record: 57-33 SU and 45-45-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 4

The Astros remain a great money line bet but pick your spots carefully on the run line. 

4. Minnesota Twins

World Series Odds:  +900
Record: 56-33 SU and 47-42-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 3

The Twins have a habit of doing this. Cleveland is the better team on paper but what happens on the field is what counts here. 

5. Atlanta Braves

World Series Odds:  +750
Record: 54-37 SU and 43-48-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 5

The Braves keep on keeping on but with a new fight on their hands-the Nationals. This race is going to be interesting.

6. Tampa Bay Rays

World Series Odds:  +2000
Record: 52-39 SU and 47-44-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 6

It’s a broken record, the Rays are a good baseball team and the value is with the ML, unfortunately, they play in the AL East. Keep betting them.

7. Cleveland Indians

World Series Odds:  +2800 
Record: 50-38 SU and 45-43-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 8

The Indians needed the motivation of losing to Baltimore, they are on fire with six straight wins. 

8. Oakland Athletics

World Series Odds:  +5000
Record: 50-41 SU and 49-42-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 9

The Oakland A’s have turned out to be a dangerous team and a solid bet on both the ML and RL.

9. Boston Red Sox

World Series Odds:  +2500
Record: 49-41 SU and 39-51-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 14 

Baseball is a funny game indeed, here come the Sox! The problem, everyone else is very good. There’s a lot of parity in baseball this year. 

10. Texas Rangers

World Series Odds:  +5000
Record: 48-42 SU and 53-37-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 7

The Rangers had a difficult week and maybe some All-Star rest will help them. They are still a fantastic RL wager. 

11. Washington Nationals

World Series Odds:  +2500
Record: 47-42 SU and 47-42-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 15

The Nationals are the hottest team in baseball with 8 of the last 10 and jumping ahead of Philly for the number two slot behind Atlanta. 

12. Philadelphia Phillies 

World Series Odds: +2200
Record: 47-43 SU and 45-45-0 Rune Line
Previous Rank: 12

The Phillies are struggling to find offense and look tired. They need much more than Harper. The second half could get long and ugly if Washington keep up the pace.

13. Chicago Cubs 

World Series Odds:  +2000
Record: 47-43 SU and 46-44-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 11

Somehow the Cubs lead this division, oh yea… they play against the Brewers, Cardinals, Pirates, and Reds. Anybody has a chance in the NL Central. Betting the Cubs will pay you but pick your spots. 

14. Milwaukee Brewers

World Series Odds:  +2000
Record: 47-44 SU and 46-45-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 10

The Brewers, Cubs, and Cardinals all went 4-6 in the last 10 games. The Brewers can catch lightning but will play .500 in the division.

15. Arizona Diamondbacks 

World Series Odds:  +6600
Record: 46-45 SU and 53-38-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 17

The run line is the play. The D-Backs always keep it close. 

16. St. Louis Cardinals 

World Series Odds:  +4000
Record: 44-44 SU and 44-44-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 18

“The Cardinals are a mess! It’s time to back away from this team. They are simply much too unpredictable. The wild thing; they are just 3-games out of first place.” The only difference this week—they are 2 games out. 

17. San Diego Padres

World Series Odds:  +6600
Record: 45-45 SU and 42-48-0 Run line
Previous Rank: 16

The Padres have found themselves and that’s a bad thing! This team will probably not finish last, but there will be a race for last with Colorado and the Giants. 

18. Los Angeles Angels

World Series Odds:  +15000
Record: 45-46 SU and 51-40-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 19

Not a consistent enough team to wager on ML, but certainly, give the Angels a look RL.

19. Colorado Rockies 

World Series Odds:  +5000
Record: 44-45 SU and 45-44-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 13

The Rockies are a white-hot mess! Just 3-games out of the last place. Start betting against this team, their offseason follies have caught up to them.  

20. Pittsburgh Pirates

World Series Odds:  +8000
Record: 44-45 SU and 44-45-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 21

The Pirates continue to play decent enough baseball to want to bet on them.

21. Chicago White Sox

World Series Odds:  +35000
Record: 42-44 SU and 40-46-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 20

The Sox are playing ok, but no consistent enough to bet either way.

22. Cincinnati Reds

World Series Odds:  +10000
Record: 41-46 SU and 45-42-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 22

The Run line is king with the Reds.

23. San Francisco Giants

World Series Odds:  +150000
Record: 41-48 SU and 45-44-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 24

The Giants have picked it up in a big way and are winning games. If they played in the NL Central they would be 5.5 out, not 17.5 as they are behind the Dodgers. 

24. New York Mets

World Series Odds:  +15000
Record: 40-50 SU and 41-49-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 23

This organization is a train wreck and they continue their slide.

25. Seattle Mariners 

World Series Odds: +150000
Record: 39-55 SU and 47-47-0 Rune Line 
Previous Rank: 25

The Mariners are a worse train wreck than the Mets. All that talent, what a waste.

26. Miami Marlins 

World Series Odds: +250000
Record: 33-55 SU and 44-44-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 26

We see Jeter working, this team is being built with a rotation that could be stellar; wait till next year.

27. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Odds: +200000
Record: 34-57 SU and 42-49-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 27

Bet against the Blue Jays and you will win, it’s that simple. This team has no shot at turning a corner, they are bad.  

28. Kansas City Royals

World Series Odds: +250000
Record: 30-61 SU and 43-48-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 28

This Royals remain a great bet against the ML, stay off the RL.

29. Detroit Tigers

World Series Odds: +250000
Record: 28-57 SU and 35-50-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 29

“The Tigers are always worth laying the juice against! Keep doing it.” They are now 2-8 in the last 10, Keep betting against the Tigers. 

30. Baltimore Orioles

World Series Odds: +250000
Record: 27-62 SU and 37-52-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 30

The worst team in baseball in such a history-rich baseball town. Cal must be so proud! Bet against this team big and win big. 

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