The trick with baseball is finding value on the best teams and following those teams all season long. This power ranking will be based on “against the spread” performance from week to week. In baseball, “the spread” is the “run line.” The money line is the straight up record. When a team wins a regular season game, they have just beaten the money line, but possibly, did not beat the run line. 

This ranking is not a popularity contest or which team has the best lineup or the best rotation. This ranking is about beating the spread, (money line/run line). We will base this ranking from week to week on who has a better record against the spread and the team’s performance from a betting perspective. In baseball, this usually means that the best teams, with the best records, are the decisively better teams to bet on, however, there are exceptions. 

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MLB ATS Trends:

Road Teams: 757-634 54.32%
Home Teams: 634-757 45.68%
Favorites: 618-773 44.33%
Underdogs: 773-618 55.57%
Road Favorites: 243-259 48.41%
Road Underdogs: 514-375 57.82%
Home Favorites: 375-514 42.18%
Home Underdogs: 259-243 51.59%

Over & Under Trends:

Extra-Inning Games: Overs- 60-52.63% | Unders- 54- 47.37%
Non-Extra-Inning Games: Overs- 613 50.66% | Unders- 597 49.34%
Total Games: Overs- 673 50.83% | Unders- 651 49.17%

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

World Series Odds: +275
Record: 62-33 SU and 44-51-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 1

The Dodgers are fine, yes, they lost a couple they are still the best team in baseball.

2. New York Yankees

World Series Odds: +325
Record: 59-32 SU and 54-37-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 2

Yankees, still rocking it. Bet this team till it’s all over, they are winners. 

3. Minnesota Twins

World Series Odds: +900
Record: 58-34 SU and 50-42-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 4

The Twins are certainly up-and-down, one week they are amazing, the next week, not so much. Their ML record combined with great betting stats keeps them right here. Are they winning the World Series… Ha!

4. Houston Astros 

World Series Odds: +350
Record: 59-35 SU and 46-48-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 3   

The Astros are still a solid ML bet, be careful on the RL but keep betting this team, they are worthy of your top five. 

5. Atlanta Braves

World Series Odds: +750
Record: 57-37 SU and 46-48-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 5

The Braves have proven their metal, this is a good baseball team that could make some noise in the playoffs. 

6. Tampa Bay Rays

World Series Odds: +2000
Record: 55-40 SU and 50-45-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 6

The Rays are still a good bet on the money line but be careful, it’s getting late in the season, we have confidence they keep games close, nothing more.

7. Oakland Athletics

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 53-41 SU and 51-43-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 8

The Oakland A’s have turned the corner and we can say; they are a good team. Bet them.

8. Cleveland Indians

World Series Odds: +2800 
Record: 51-40 SU and 45-46-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 7

The Indians are a solid baseball team, but they must pick it up to stay on pace with the Twins. 

9. Boston Red Sox

World Series Odds: +2500
Record: 50-43 SU and 40-53-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 9

The Red Sox folded Sunday night against the Dodgers. Bet against this team on the RL.

10. Chicago Cubs 

World Series Odds: +2000
Record: 50-43 SU and 48-45-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 13

The Cubs are a solid baseball team and playing very well. They can absolutely beat the Brewers for the division.

11. Washington Nationals

World Series Odds: +2500
Record: 49-43 SU and 49-43-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 11

The Nationals are hot and have certainly picked it up, We don’t think their rotation holds-up.

12. Texas Rangers

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 50-44 SU and 56-38-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 10

The Rangers are still the best team against the RL, bet them and win money.

13. Philadelphia Phillies 

World Series Odds: +2200
Record: 48-45 SU and 46-47-0 Rune Line
Previous Rank: 12

The Phillies are on their way down. They have talent-BH! It takes more than one guy, they need coaching. 

14. Los Angeles Angels

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 48-46 SU and 54-40-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 18

Absolutely bet this team on the run line. They are playing much better baseball as of late. 

15. Milwaukee Brewers

World Series Odds: +2000
Record: 48-46 SU and 46-48-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 14

The Brewers are right here in the middle of the pack at 15, however, they can steal the NL Central. Look for their play to be motivated.

16. St. Louis Cardinals 

World Series Odds: +4000
Record: 46-45 SU and 46-45-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 16

Bet their wishing they had kept Mike Matheny. This team is as lost as a goose. Run, don’t bet, who knows.  

17. Colorado Rockies 

World Series Odds: +5000
Record: 46-46 SU and 45-47-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 19

The Rockies are going nowhere this season. I would cross them, off the betting list. You will break even at best.

18. Arizona Diamondbacks 

World Series Odds: +6600
Record: 47-47 SU and 54-40-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 15

Stop betting the ML and start betting the RL; very worthy bet.

19. San Diego Padres

World Series Odds: +6600
Record: 45-48 SU and 42-51-0 Run line
Previous Rank: 17

The Padres are boring, but a great team to bet against the run line. 

20. Pittsburgh Pirates

World Series Odds: +8000
Record: 44-48 SU and 45-47-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 20
The Pirates had a rough week and this team is also boring. They are simply not winning anything. Why bet them?

21. Chicago White Sox

World Series Odds: +35000
Record: 42-47 SU and 41-48-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 21

These middle of the pack teams are staying right here. There is no reason to bet on the White Sox, it’s a flip of the coin. 

22. San Francisco Giants

World Series Odds: +150000
Record: 41-48 SU and 48-42-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 23

The Giants just may finish this season with a winning record. Keep an eye on this team and pick your betting spots.  

23. Cincinnati Reds

World Series Odds: +10000
Record: 42-48 SU and 45-42-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 22
“The Run line is king with the Reds.” Not anymore, stay away.  

24. New York Mets  

World Series Odds: +15000
Record: 42-51 SU and 43-50-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 24

Bet against the Mets, these guys are getting worse by the day.

25. Seattle Mariners 

World Series Odds: +150000
Record: 39-58 SU and 47-50-0 Rune Line 
Previous Rank: 25

The Mariners are miserable, they keep games close because of all the homers, bet the over. 

26. Miami Marlins 

World Series Odds: +250000
Record: 34-57 SU and 45-46-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 26

The Marlins keep it close and Vegas is consistently off on the numbers. Check the run line close, you could win big. 

27. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series Odds: +200000
Record: 35-59 SU and 43-51-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 27

The Blue Jays are rotten. Keep this team near your top five to bet against.  

28. Kansas City Royals

World Series Odds: +250000
Record: 33-62 SU and 45-49-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 28

The Chiefs are the best team in KC and haven’t won a thing since 1966. The Royals have recent history but this year; rebuilding. Keep betting against them. Lay the RL--save the juice.

29. Detroit Tigers

World Series Odds: +250000
Record: 29-59 SU and 36-52-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 29

The Detroit Tigers once sold Howard Johnson for Walt Terrell. Although the Tigers have had some decent teams since the front office clearly has no desire to build a winning team. 

30. Baltimore Orioles

World Series Odds: +250000
Record: 28-65 SU and 38-55-0 Run Line
Previous Rank: 30

Ripken who? You can’t be serious when you say a legend of MLB time played for this team. Those were the days in Baltimore. Pound the run line and keep winning.

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