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With September approaching, there are two kinds of people still betting baseball. Those that are having winning seasons and those who are action junkies and need that daily fix. Yet, as popular as football is, the pennant races and wild card chases really heat up from here on in.

Though nobody knows exactly how this will all play out, having information as a foundation for wagering is vitally important. Here are aspects to consider the rest of the season.

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National League Look Ahead

The NL West could hardly be any closer with Arizona, Colorado and the Los Angeles Dodgers all bunched together. At this point, this has the feel of everything being decided on the final day of the season and whoever does not win the division is not guaranteed a wild-card spot.

Colorado has the most advantageous position because they play the most home games, followed by the D-Backs and Dodgers. However, the defending NL champs, at least by what we know today, have the easier schedule, with the Rockies next and the Snakes behind them. Nothing will come easy and all three teams will be difficult to bet for or against.

Thanks to Philadelphia's recent slide, Atlanta has opened up a working margin. For the Braves it is all about just matching what the Phillies do. Because Atlanta has the stronger offense (4.9 RPG vs. 4.3) and better overall pitching staff (4.0 RPG allowed vs. 4.3) they would seem in a good spot and have Play On potential. Atlanta would like nothing more than wrapping up the division before there final three contests of the season, at Philadelphia.

The Chicago Cubs have heated up again and they have needed to with St. Louis hotter than Instagram model Abigail Ratchford, in winning 20 of 26. The Cardinals are in great form and have terrific young pitching, but they have only three games left with Chicago, all at Wrigley Field, on the last weekend of the season.

Some claim because Milwaukee has fewer games than the Cubs to play at this point, they have the edge because of added rest. Still, once you lost a game you cannot get it back. At least the Brewers have some control of their destiny, with six battles against the Cubs and three more with the Redbirds.

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American League Look Ahead

The junior circuit is more cut and dry. According to websites that have win probabilities, Boston, Cleveland, Houston and the New York Yankees have a better than 99 percent chance of playing in October. Oakland is not far behind at over 88 percent, with Seattle at only 11 percent chance at this moment.

The Red Sox recent poor play has given the Yankees at least hope for catching Boston, but unless the BoSox collapse, New York is heading to an uncomfortable one-game wild card game. The Yanks have strong desire to keep on winning anyway because the last thing they would want to do is be at Houston or Oakland for an all or nothing matchup.

Cleveland, they essentially had their division wrapped up after winning their second game of the season and having a 1-1 record. Their mission is to stay healthy and build momentum the rest of the way.

Oakland has made an amazing run and is on the heels of Houston. Yet, you have to start to wonder what the A's might have left on the pitching side. Left-hander Sean Manaea was diagnosed with rotator cuff tendonitis and there is no timetable for his return. And later this week, fellow lefty starter, Brett Anderson went on the 10-day disabled list with a strained forearm. Anderson has already missed six weeks and has a history of injuries. The Athletics will have to rely on the bullpen and scoring runs.

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