The 2019 baseball season has come to a close and it’s all over but the crying! This past season was nothing short of amazing and if you are a baseball fan on any level, then you loved it. It was a great year for betting this game. It was predictable and the teams that were supposed to win, they won consistently. The teams that were supposed to lose, they lost consistently. This is how you make money betting on MLB. You follow a handfull of teams all-season and you play them to the bone. You follow the pitching pay less attention to the hitting and find a handful of losers to bet against. Baseball is an easy formula, all it requires is a bankroll. If you have the bankroll, you can win betting this game. 

The bookies are glad it’s over! Gamblers that know baseball consistently win and this drives the online bookies up the wall. They need your business and they will do anything for it but on the other hand, they are skittish and want to limit your play. Find a great bookie for the playoffs. You don’t want to miss the action. The playoffs are a different animal altogether. There isn’t a handful of teams to play, there isn't really any given strategy that works better than another other than pitching. 

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Look, baseball is baseball and a team can come in hot and then go straight cold. This is the nature of the business when it comes to the baseball playoffs. Who wins the Division Series’ this year? Who has the mustard to outlast their opponent and move to the next round? Let’s take a brief look.

The Division Series:

Cardinals vs. Braves
Series Price:
Cardinals +125, Braves -145

The Cardinals looked like the “same as usual” Cardinals when they opened up the season. There were some good times, there were some bad times and they played well against the Cubs and all of the usual. Then times changed and they changed in a big way. This team got hot and they have played - all be it streaky at times - they have played very well down the stretch. The Braves stayed steady all-season and they deserve to be where they are. This team is solid with above-average starting pitching. The Cardinals have a lot of heart and they can win a short series. PREDICTION: Braves in 5.

Twins vs. Yankees
Series Price:
Twins +185, Yankees -225

The Twins will not lay down for the Yankees. You can count on a great short series and a hard-fought battle. The Yankees have tons of hitting and tons of clutch players. This is what the Yankees are all about and have been all-season. The Twins are a grind it out, and hardworking blue-collar team that shows up every day. This team can do it all and they will be tough to beat. PREDICTION: Twins in 5.

Nationals vs. Dodgers
Series Price:
Nationals +180, Dodgers -220

The Dodgers could win this series with three of their starters. This team is a beast and they love to crank it up come playoff time. We are not saying they win the World Series, just this series. The Nationals absolutely fought all-season for the right to be in this position and if anybody ever earned a spot, it’s these guys. After losing Harper to the Phillies, this group stepped up. Unfortunately for them; Dodgers pitching. PREDICTION: Dodgers in 4.

Rays vs. Astros
Series Price:
Rays +250, Astros -300

The Astros have Verlander! Is he enough? No, they have an entire team that is at the top of their game. The Rays are not chopped live and we have said all-season watch out should they win the Wild Card. That’s what they did. At the end of the day, we have to like Houston. This team is better all the way around. Congrats to the Rays for getting in, but this is the end of the road. PREDICTION: Astros in 3. 

Be sure to follow each series closely and do your homework for the next round. This first round promises to be good. Every team has a chance. Find a great online sportsbook that offers a tight dime line and jump in for some playoff fun

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