It’s still baseball time, no matter how you slice it, we are in the thick of this thing and this 2018 baseball season has been one for the ages. The individual storylines, the race for the Wild Card, the race for the Division and who will be MVP, better yet, Cy Young? It’s maybe football night in America ha, we get that. Football is certainly a passion and it has its place. The reason fans flock to the NFL is the short season. It’s simple, there are 16 regular season games compared to baseballs 162! 

Dallas in wonderland as Astros seek sweep of Red Sox

The thing about football-meets-baseball is this; every game matters in football we get that. There is no argument from us, but here is a fact that simply can’t be overlooked. Every single contest in baseball that is played from here on out, is huge. This is the short season. We are now in the season that matters. Of course, many of the division races are wrapped up and over, however, there are a few that are coming down to the wire. 

The Boston Red Sox come into tonight’s game with a 97-46 record. It seems like every time we turn around; these guys are on a hot streak but not the case today. The Houston Astros are the ones on a tear, and come into the season closer with Boston, having won 7 in a row and 8 of their last 10. Amazingly enough, they are hanging onto a 3.5 game lead in the AL West. This race is still a good one and could still be interesting. The A’s have the bats to get this done but their pitching had better zero in and nails, or they simply have no chance. What we are seeing from the Astros is reminiscent of the 2017 run. Their bats have come alive and their pitching has settled in. The Astros will be difficult to beat down the final stretch. 

Astros vs. Red Sox Preview and Predictions

Tonight’s contest between the Red Sox and Astros means everything to the A’s. The A’s need the Red Sox to step up and win at least one game of this series. The Race in the AL East is over! The Yankees have simply not lived up to their potential on offense and have been somewhat miserable on the hill. This Yankees team is the same old Yankees team; smoke and mirrors! Really, Tanaka and Gray have been solid with 10 and 11 wins, but it’s simply not enough. Ok, we get it, not everyone can be a Luis Severino, but the Yankees must have more consistency across the board. The Yankees are a disappointment, to say the least, and if they have any desire to win, they must make some big-time pitching acquisitions in the offseason. 

Tonight features Dallas Keuchel for the Astros (11-10) vs. Rick Porcello for the Red Sox (16-7). Let’s see if Keuchel has the goods! We know Porcello has the right stuff and at home, on a Sunday Night Baseball Game, he should shine. This kind of game was built for Porcello, however, it’s the kind of game when Keuchel had better step up with a big-time performance. Let’s look at this game in this manner; if Keuchel cannot step up and win a big game now, how can he be counted on in the playoffs? For the Astros, this game is a must win, for the Red Sox, not so much. They have the division wrapped up.

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The 2018 MLB season is all but wrapped up and there are a few exciting races left. If you love baseball but love football, the choice is very clear; invest in a TV that has a picture-in-picture or split screen! Ha, this is that time of the year when baseball meets football. The contest tonight is a worthy watch if you are a serious baseball fan. Have fun enjoy all of the action and stay tuned to this tight baseball race, it promises to get even more interesting. 

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