I am constantly looking at sports betting odds, lines, futures, etc. I’d like to think I have a good feel for the industry and how lines are set. I’m sure you guys are the same way. But sometimes there are certain betting opportunities that comes across the table and make zero sense whatsoever. I have a prime example of this today.

I was browsing around the Internet, as I do every morning, and I was looking at sports stories and betting futures. I always like to pay attention to this stuff because often times the value of betting futures is very, very good if you feel strongly about a position.

I saw a future bet today that absolutely puzzled me. I had to glance twice at it and make sure it was real. After realizing it was indeed a valid betting option, I still thought that it must just be a joke. Here’s what happened.

Following the Yankees' dismissal of Joe Girardi on Thursday, a few betting sites released odds for candidates to replace him. And while the list contains mostly logical choices such as Rob Thomson (Yankees' bench coach), Kevin Long (Mets' hitting coach) and Don Mattingly (Marlins' manager), it also has a guy by the name of David Ortiz. Yeah, you know, the guy who played his entire career for the rival Red Sox and did nothing but torture Yankees fans. Well, you can literally place your money on a bet for him to become the next manager of the New York freaking Yankees.

Ortiz (+50,000) is listed last among the 18 candidates, one spot behind Alex Rodriguez (+10,000) and Jason Giambi (+3,500) who are also pretty puzzling options. Here's the full list:


Rob Thomson: +500

Al Pedrique: +550

Joe Espada: +600

Tony Pena: +750

Kevin Long: +800

Trey Hillman: +850

Willie Randolph: +1000

Pete Mackanin: +1000

Larry Rothschild: +1000

Raul Ibanez: +1100

Don Mattingly: +1200

Josh Paul: +1400

Tim Naehring: +1500

Jay Bell: +1600

Dusty Baker: +2500

Jason Giambi: +3500

Alex Rodriguez: +10000

David Ortiz: +50000


I mean, this has to be a joke right? There is a zero point zero chance David Ortiz will be managing the Yankees. I have two immediate reactions to this betting option.

1. The sports books are simply doing this as a joke and want to make headlines. IE: They want people like me to write about how David Ortiz is listed as a candidate in order to drive business to their websites.

2. They figured, ah what the heck, we can put him on the list and make a few bucks from Red Sox fans and people who just want to mess around and say they bet on David Ortiz.

Regardless, there is no possible way David Ortiz will be managing the Yankees next season. It is a joke that he’s even on the list of candidates, albeit down at +50,000 odds.

I was a bit surprised the Yankees fired Joe Girardi after taking New York to game 7 of the ALCS. What does a guy have to do to keep his job anymore!? (Farrell, Baker, Girardi). Nonetheless, I’m fascinated to see who the Yankees ultimately choose to be their next manager. But it sure as hell won’t be David Ortiz! Don’t waste your money, people. Not even as a joke.

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