The Houston Astros were the favorites to win this year’s World Series. The Washington Nationals were the biggest betting surprise by beating Houston for the 2019 MLB title. This was the top storyline in what turned out to be a great season of baseball.

As a baseball fan, hope springs eternal that the upcoming 2020 season will be your team’s turn to make a successful run all the way to a World Series title. As each of 30 teams continue formulate a roster that can make a deep playoff run in 2020, it is worth a look back at the 2019 results. This is especially worthwhile for anyone who also loves to bet on the games.

The Best of The Best Bets in The American League

All three division leaders in the American League won more than 100 games this past season. Houston topped the list with 107 followed by the New York Yankees (103) and the Minnesota Twins (101). The top wild-card team was the Oakland Athletics at 97-65. The Tampa Bay Rays were the other AL wild card team at 96-66.

As far as the best money line return in the AL, Oakland topped the list with a plus $1628 return. The A’s were a solid bet no matter where they played with a plus $918 return at home and a plus $710 return on the road. 

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The next highest return belonged to Minnesota at plus $1479. While the Twins were a -$573 drain on the bankroll playing at home, their MLB-best 55-26 record on the road translated to a plus $2052 gain for anyone betting that way.

Third, on the list in the AL were the Yankees at plus $1164. All of that money was earned at home ($1183) behind a record of 57-24. Houston may have won the AL Pennant but this was a tough team to bet on with a -$145 loss on the year.

The Best of The Best Bets in The National League

The Nationals (93-69) won this year’s World Series as the top wild card team in the National League. The Atlanta Braves won the NL East at 97-65. The Los Angeles Dodgers won another NL West Division title with 106 wins and the St. Louis Cardinals got past the Milwaukee Brewers by two games in the NL Central with 91 wins.

The money line betting results in the NL basically reflected the results in the standings. Washington was the best bet in all of baseball last season with a plus $1909 return on a money line bet. This figure includes the Nationals’ amazing run to the 2019 World Series title. Almost all that money (plus $1821) was won on the road.

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The second-highest NL money line return belonged to Atlanta at plus $1235. The Braves turned up the heat through the second half of the season. Their play on the road helped that run and it generated a plus $942 return for bettors. Atlanta tied Los Angeles for the best road record (47-34) in the NL.

Breaking ranks from the playoff teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks produced the third-best return at plus $1035 followed closely by the San Francisco Giants at plus $987. The Giants were 42-39 on the road this season and that was good enough to return plus $2030 on the money line. 

The Dodgers had the best overall record in the NL but that only translated to a plus $425 total return. Despite the winning record on the road, too many road losses as heavy favorites cost bettors -$293 as opposed to the plus $718 return at home.

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