Let’s talk some baseball! And when I say baseball, I mean literally, let’s talk about a physical baseball.

The baseballs used in this 2017 World Series have drawn a lot of questions and skepticism. A lot of people believe these baseballs are juiced. There have been a ton of home runs at a record setting pace, which has led people to raise questions about the validity of the balls.

The pace we have seen is simply insane. The Dodgers and Astros were absolutely crushing baseballs off their bat, and they are doing so against great quality pitching. It’s kind of bizarre when you think about it. Take a look at some of the statistics that analytics website FiveThirtyEight detailed in this paragraph:


“The rate of long balls is up about 69 percent compared with the regular season, while the next largest bump is only 56 percent, achieved in 2009. According to a simple statistical test, the probability of witnessing so many home runs in the Series (considering the rate in the regular season) is about 1 in 80. That is a very fragile conclusion, however. Had we performed the same analysis after Saturday’s game, the result would be that the rate of home runs was not as elevated. We ought to be no more certain today that the balls are more lively than we were a few nights ago.”


Wow! It’s pretty crazy to realize how record setting of a scoring pace we are on in this World Series. I mean after all, pitching is a premium and I definitely expected more low scoring games due to how good of pitchers these two teams have.

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Anyway, back to the balls. Wait are we talking about DeflateGate? Good God, not another controversy about how balls are inflated. But that’s precisely where we are at right now with “Juiced Ball Gate” or whatever you want to call it.

I mean, the numbers don’t lie. I realize why people are raising questions. But I’m simply here to tell you I don’t care one bit.

Look, the game of baseball needs more scoring. If a World Series like this, which produces all sorts of long balls can help draw more people back into the game, I’m all for it.

At the end of the day, people want excitement. When you watch a game like Game 2 and see a total of 8 home runs, that’s exciting for people! It’s fun to watch scoring and watch a baseball game with action. Many people have the belief that baseball is too boring, so if it takes juicing up some baseballs to give them more action, I’m all for it.

The World Series television ratings have been an all time high. Heck, if they are juicing the baseballs, keep it up! People are clearly watching.

And like I said, please not another inflated ball controversy. I can’t handle another DeflateGate.

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