A new season of basketball in the NBA tips off this Tuesday night with 29 teams chasing the defending champion Golden State Warriors for the 2019 NBA world title. The Warriors have proven themselves to be the best team on the hardwood the past several seasons, but sports bettors are more interested in the teams that can boost their NBA betting bankroll by consistently winning against the spread. 

Preseason Favorites: 30-36 SU and 29-36-1 ATS
Preseason Home Teams: 36-30 SU and 28-27-1 ATS
Preseason Total Line: OVER 31 and UNDER 35

New for this year are the NBA Power Rankings with a heavy lean towards betting trends in terms of a team's record SU and ATS along with their futures odds at Intertops online sportsbook to win the 2019 NBA Championship.

1. Golden State Warriors

Odds: -189 
Last Season's Record: 74-29 SU, 46-56-1 ATS

The Golden State Warriors remain the Gold Standard in the NBA with four-straight trips to the NBA Finals and three world titles.

2. Boston Celtics

Odds: +550 
Last Season's Record: 66-35 SU, 62-37-2 ATS

A healthy Boston should be able to win the East this season, but it remains to be seen if the Celtics have enough talent to dethrone the top team in the league.

3. Houston Rockets

Odds: +750 
Last Season's Record: 76-23 SU, 50-47-2 ATS

The Rockets were the only NBA team to keep things close against Golden State and they probably have the best value in Intertops’ NBA futures odds to win it all.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

Odds: +1000 
Last Season's Record: 35-47 SU, 43-39 ATS

The LeBron James’ era in Los Angeles should get underway with a return to the postseason, but the Lakers are still a few players away from competing for a title.

5. Philadelphia 76ers

Odds: +1400 
Last Season's Record: 57-35 SU, 52-38-2 ATS

Philadelphia was able to establish itself as the best young team in the NBA, but without the addition of another star player, the 76ers will still be chasing Boston in the East.

6. Toronto Raptors

Odds: +1600 
Last Season's Record: 63-29 SU, 48-43-1 ATS

Toronto was the top seed in the East last season, but even with the addition of Kawhi Leonard, the loss of DeMar DeRozan drops the Raptors to third in the conference.

7. Oklahoma City Thunder

Odds: +3300 
Last Season's Record: 50-38 SU, 37-50-1 ATS

Russell Westbrook remains one of the best all-around players in the NBA, but the Thunder are still playing for third place in the West.

8. Utah Jazz

Odds: +4000 
Last Season's Record: 53-40 SU, 48-44-1 ATS

The Jazz was able to add some depth to their roster with a few key offseason moves, but it may not be enough to close the gap with the top teams in the West.

9. San Antonio Spurs

Odds: +6000 
Last Season's Record: 48-39 SU, 42-41-4 ATS

Adding DeRozan to the mix should keep the Spurs competitive in the top-heavy West, but their window of opportunity has already closed.

10. Milwaukee Bucks

Odds: +6600 
Last Season's Record: 47-42 SU, 37-49-3 ATS

Milwaukee becomes the team to beat in the Central this season, but it can only go so far with its current roster.

11. New Orleans Pelicans

Odds: +6600 
Last Season's Record: 53-38 SU, 52-38-1 ATS

Anthony Davis is a stud, but the Pelicans have way too many better teams to get through in the West to be a legitimate contender.

12. Washington Wizards

Odds: +6600 
Last Season's Record: 45-43 SU, 39-48-1 ATS

Washington’s window to make a deep run in the East continues to slowly close around John Wall and Bradley Beal.

13. Minnesota Timberwolves 

Odds: +6600 
Last Season's Record: 48-39 SU, 39-45-3 ATS

The current situation surrounding the Timberwolves and Jimmy Butler is an early distraction that could linger well into the season.

14. Denver Nuggets

Odds: +7500 
Last Season's Record: 46-36 SU, 37-42-3 ATS

The Nuggets may have done enough this offseason to earn a playoff spot this season in the West, but the stay will be very short.

15. Indiana Pacers

Odds: +8000 
Last Season's Record: 51-38 SU, 53-36 ATS

Indiana still has enough talent to give the Bucks a run for the money in the division title race, but that is about as far as it goes.

16. Miami Heat

Odds: +8000 
Last Season's Record: 45-42 SU, 41-40-6 ATS

The Heat provided some excitement last season with its no-name lineup, but duplicating last year’s sixth-place finish will be hard to do.

17. Portland Trail Blazers

Odds: +6000 
Last Season's Record: 49-37 SU, 45-35-6 ATS

Portland’s early exit in last year’s playoffs could continue to dog this team in the 2019 postseason given no major roster improvements.

18. Dallas Mavericks

Odds: +15000 
Last Season's Record: 24-58 SU, 41-41 ATS

The Mavericks could make a run at 40 wins this season, but they are still a year or two away from a return trip to the playoffs.

19. Detroit Pistons

Odds: +15000 
Last Season's Record: 39-43 SU, 40-40-2 ATS

The Pistons are playing for third in the Central Division behind Milwaukee and Indiana, but the OVER on 38 ½ wins is a possibility.

20. New York Knicks

Odds: +15000 
Last Season's Record: 29-53 SU, 38-44 ATS

The new-look Knicks will struggle just to reach last season’s 29 wins as a solid play on the UNDER 28.5 win total at Intertops.

21. Los Angeles Clippers

Odds: +17500 
Last Season's Record: 42-40 SU, 42-40 ATS

The fall from grace will be hard for a team that was briefly the best team in town. They could easily sink to the bottom of the Pacific this year.

22. Cleveland Cavaliers

Odds: +20000 
Last Season's Record: 62-42 SU, 41-62-1 ATS

No LeBron, no chance for the Cavaliers. Everyone remembers what happened the first time he left Cleveland.

23. Phoenix Suns

Odds: +20000 
Last Season's Record: 21-61 SU, 37-43-2 ATS

Top draft picks will eventually be part of the process for the Suns, but do not expect any big movement upward this season as the worst team in the West.

24. Charlotte Hornets

Odds: +25000 
Last Season's Record: 36-46 SU, 34-44-4 ATS

Charlotte is another team that could be headed in the wrong direction this season with a projected win total matching last year’s record.

25. Memphis Grizzlies

Odds: +25000 
Last Season's Record: 22-60 SU, 36-44-2 ATS

For a team that was once on the rise in the West, the Grizzlies have become an afterthought after winning 21 games less in 2018.

26. Brooklyn Nets

Odds: +25000 
Last Season's Record: 28-54 SU, 46-34-2 ATS

The Nets should win more than 28 games this season, but do not expect a dramatic improvement given their current lineup

27. Orlando Magic

Odds: +30000 
Last Season's Record: 25-57 SU, 37-43-2 ATS

The OVER/UNDER on Orlando’s total wins this season have been set at 30 ½ with the betting odds slightly favoring the OVER.

28. Atlanta Hawks

Odds: +30000 
Last Season's Record: 24-58 SU, 40-39-3 ATS

Atlanta was the worst team in the East last season and despite some efforts to shake that dubious tag, it is headed in that direction this season as well.

29. Chicago Bulls

Odds: +40000 
Last Season's Record: 27-55 SU, 41-40-1 ATS

The glory days in Chicago continue to become just a distant memory after falling to just 27 wins in the 2017/2018 season. 

30. Sacramento Kings

Odds: +40000 
Last Season's Record: 27-55 SU, 38-40-4 ATS

Somebody has to be last in the rankings and Sacramento fist the bill with the lowest projected wins in the West.

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