The NBA regular season comes to a close in early April and the playoff picture in the Eastern and Western Conference is starting to take shape. The Milwaukee Bucks continue to set the pace in the East and the Golden State Warriors remain the odds-on favorite to win their fourth NBA title over the past five seasons.

Given how dominant each of these teams have been this season, it stands to reason that the best odds on the board at Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas for the exact matchup in this year’s NBA Finals is a Milwaukee vs. Golden State best of seven series at +230 odds.

When it comes to the betting odds to win this year’s NBA Championship, you can get +300 on any team from the East winning this year’s NBA Finals. You would have to risk $400 to win $100 betting on the Western Conference to once again produce the 2019 world champions.

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Taking things one step further, you can get +180 odds betting on the entire field against Golden State. If you decide to go with the Warriors against the field, you would have to risk $230 to win $100.

Given some of these early betting odds for the upcoming NBA Finals, it all comes down to how you see things playing out. A brief history lesson covering the past four seasons may help to shed some better light on the subject.

Golden State without Kevin Durant proved to be one of the top two teams in the NBA along with the Cleveland Cavaliers when LeBron James was still on the roster. Adding Durant to the mix two seasons ago made the Warriors the clear King of the Hill in the NBA. They have won the last two NBA Championships beating James’ Cavaliers rather handedly in each best-of-seven series.

Flash forward to this season. Golden State added DeMarcus Cousins to the best lineup in the league. While the Warriors have somewhat beatable in recent weeks, Wednesday night’s 106-104 statement win against the Houston Rockets as four-point road underdogs served notice that any road to the 2019 NBA title still has to go through Oracle Arena in Oakland. Cousins just so happened to play his best game of the year.

Any sportsbook that releases futures odds for the NBA heavily discounts what happens in the regular season unless it has to do with winning one of the six division titles. Betting NBA futures for a conference title and/or world title all comes down to how a team plays in the postseason. Houston was able to take Golden State to seven games in last year’s Western Conference Finals, but in the end the Warriors prevailed.

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The Rockets remain Golden State’s toughest competition this season in the West, but their current betting odds to win that best-of-seven series this time around are set at +600. Even with Wednesday night’s loss, Houston did manage to win three of four against the Warriors in the regular season series which does throw some betting value its way.

It is hard to see any team from the East beating Golden State in a best-of-seven series. None of the top contenders have the necessary experience playing against the Warriors in the NBA Finals, which is the biggest stage of them all in this league.

The bottom line in betting value when it comes to these early NBA Finals’ odds is either take the risk for a lower reward betting Golden State or take the current +180 odds on the field. There is still a reason why they play the games and anything can happen between now and early June.

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