I saw one of the dumbest, yet smartest ticket offer promotions I’ve ever seen last night. To be completely honest with you, I found out about the story in an interesting way.

I host sports trivia every Monday night and my staff generally writes the questions. One of the topics was about sports arenas and this came up. The question was simply what team is now offering fans a $100 monthly pass in which they won’t get a view of the court, but will get into the arena and can watch the games at the restaurants on televisions. Oh, by the way, they currently have a 44,000 wait list for it too.

The correct answer? The Golden State Warriors.

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I read this question on the spot and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I was excited to go look up the details of the story and form an opinion on it. Because this sounds crazy when you first hear it.

I mean how badly do Golden State Warriors fans want to just get into the building for a home game?

The team sent an email to its fans on Monday offering a monthly "In The Building Pass." The pass simply gets a fan into the team's Oracle Arena for every home game for $100 a month.

The mobile pass does not include a seat, and with no access to the seating bowl, doesn't even include a view of the court itself. The team says fans who purchase the pass will have access to the arena's bars and restaurants and can watch on the televisions in the club areas. Fans do have a chance to receive one of the Warriors giveaways if they are one of the first 10,000 people into the arena.

Well hey, if the giveaways are pretty valuable, that could be a good investment!

Fans can purchase up to four "In The Building" passes, although each one must be connected to a name, and they are non-transferable. Warriors spokesperson Lisa Goodwin said the team plans to sell 200 passes each month, starting with November, and that the pass will automatically renew each month through April, as the offer is not being extended to the postseason.

There are currently 44,000 people on the Warriors season-ticket waiting list.

According to ESPN, it is believed this is the first time a team has offered fans a ticket merely to get into the building without viewing access. The Dallas Cowboys, since 2009, have offered standing-room-only tickets to its games called Party Passes, but people in the first couple of rows can actually see the field.

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From a fan’s standpoint, I don’t get the appeal. I think this is dumb. I wouldn’t want to go sit in a stadium restaurant with inflated stadium concession prices, when I could simply go to a bar or restaurant across the street with a ton of fans and the prices would be far less.

But from a business perspective, this is brilliant by the Warriors. They collect the monthly price, and they will also be getting a lot more money in concession/drink purchases.

We’ll see how this all goes! It’s definitely a revolutionary idea.

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