The Philadelphia 76ers are the only undefeated team left in the NBA.

Both LA teams are winning games and the Warriors have been a huge disappointment. The Rockets and Nets both have some work to do as well, but I expect both teams to settle in soon.

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Here are the latest NBA betting trends:
(Trends Through Games Played on November 3rd, 2019)

•    Favorites: 34-16 SU and 25-23-2 ATS (Season: 59-31 SU and 41-46-3 ATS)
•    Home Teams: 28-22 SU and 27-21-2 ATS (Season: 52-38 SU and 42-45-3 ATS)
•    Home Underdogs: 9-15 SU and 12-10-2 ATS (Season: 16-23 SU and 19-18-2 ATS)
•    Game Totals: 17 Overs / 32 Unders (Season: 36 Overs / 53 Unders)

Away dogs (27-23-1 ATS - 54%) have been performing slightly better than home dogs up to this point, but the biggest trends so far has been that unders are hitting at a 59.55% clip.

1. Phoenix Suns

NBA Future Odds: +30000
Record: 4-2 (6-0 ATS)
Previous Rank: 1

The Suns are undefeated ATS this season. The addition of Rubio has paid off early. The Suns are moving the basketball (28.3 APG - 2nd) and already have big wins against LAC and GSW.

2. Miami Heat

NBA Future Odds: +5000
Record: 5-1 (5-0-1 ATS)
Previous Rank: 7

The Heat have won three in a row, including a 129-100 drubbing of the Rockets. The Heat are scoring 117.8 PPG (6th). The biggest surprise has been Nunn who leads the team in scoring (19.5 PPG).

3. Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Future Odds: +350
Record: 5-1 (5-1 ATS)
Previous Rank: 9

After losing their season-opener, the LAL have won 5 games in a row. Howard is shooting 79.2% from the field in a limited role, but the Lakers are one injury to Davis or James away from collapsing.

4. Portland Trail Blazers

NBA Future Odds: +3300
Record: 3-3 (4-1-1 ATS)
Previous Rank: 12

Portland have struggled against top competition, losing to the Nuggets, Spurs and 76ers. They’re allowing opponents to score 113.3 PPG (24th). Lillard ranks #3 in the league in scoring (29.8 PPG).

5. Washington Wizards

NBA Future Odds: +30000
Record: 1-4 (4-1 ATS)
Previous Rank: 2

The Wizards have played a tough schedule and wins are hard to come by, but they’re doing great ATS. They’re allowing 121.4 PPG (28th), but they’re also scoring 117.2 PPG (7th).


6. Philadelphia 76ers

NBA Future Odds: +700
Record: 5-0 (3-1-1 ATS)
Previous Rank: 3

The 76ers are in the top 10 in scoring (115 PPG - 10th) and points allowed (106 PPG - 9th). Embiid has averaged 23.3 PPG and 10.3 RPG in just 25.3 MPG, but he has only played in three games.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves

NBA Future Odds: +10000
Record: 4-1 (3-1-1 ATS)
Previous Rank: 6

The T-Wolves are scoring 118 PPG (5th). Wiggins is averaging 20.4 PPG, but he has been inefficient, especially on 3-pointers (28.1 3P%). This team will go as far as KAT is able to take them.

8. Milwaukee Bucks

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +550
Record: 4-2 (4-2 ATS)
Previous Rank: 15

Antetokounmpo leads the Bucks in points (26.7 PPG), assists (7.7 APG), rebounds (13.8 RPG) and steals (1.3 SPG). As a team, the Bucks are putting up a lot of points on their opponents (119.2 PPG - 2nd).

9. Toronto Raptors

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +3300
Record: 4-2 (4-2 ATS)
Previous Rank: 11

The Raps are doing fine, but their two losses are against the C’s and Bucks - two teams they could meet in the playoffs. The Raps rank #7 in 3PA (36.7 3PA/G) and #4 in 3P% (38.6%).

10. Charlotte Hornets

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +30000
Record: 3-3 (4-2 ATS)
Previous Rank: 21

The Hornets went 3-0 ATS this week, including a win over GSW (93-87). The team has been getting balanced production, as they have six players scoring between 12.5 PPG - 16 PPG. 

11. Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +15000
Record: 2-4 (4-2 ATS)
Previous Rank: 13

SGA is averaging 21.8 PPG and 7.2 RPG in 35 MPG. He’s the new star in OKC. The Thunder are going to be dogs a lot and they’ll continue to cover ATS if they keep playing strong defense (101.8 PPG - 4th).

12. Boston Celtics

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +2200
Record: 4-1 (3-2 ATS)
Previous Rank: 10

The C’s lost their season-opener, but have won four games in a row. Walker is starting to settle in to his new team and leads the team with 26.2 PPG. Six players are averaging double-digits in PPG.

13. Atlanta Hawks

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +15000
Record: 2-3 (3-2 ATS)
Previous Rank: 4

The Hawks hot start came to an end this week. They went 0-3 (1-2 ATS) with two losses to MIA. Young is scoring 26.8 PPG and dishing out 7.2 APG, but they still need the role players to step up.

14. Los Angeles Clippers

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +300
Record: 5-2 (4-3 ATS)
Previous Rank: 8

Leonard is averaging 29.3 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 5.7 APG and 2.3 SPG and leads the Clips in each category. I’m also loving the Clips bench, which ranks #1 in the NBA in scoring (55.1 PPG).

15. New York Knicks

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +25000
Record: 1-6 (4-3 ATS)
Previous Rank: 14

The Knicks offense is lacking (99.6 PPG - 29th) and Randle has been a disappointment. Barrett on the other hand has been great as a rookie and he leads the team in scoring (18.3 PPG).

16. Dallas Mavericks

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +6000
Record: 4-2 (3-3 ATS)
Previous Rank: 18

Doncic is nearly averaging a triple-double (26.7 PPG, 10.3 RPG and 9.5 APG). The bench is scoring 45.3 PPG (8th) and the Mavs rank #8 in scoring (116.7 PPG). This is definitely a team to watch this season.

17. Indiana Pacers

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +4000
Record: 3-3 (3-3 ATS)
Previous Rank: 27

The Pacers went 3-1 ATS this week and have won three games in a row. Turner is injured and out for at least two weeks. If the Pacers can get healthy (Oladipo), they’ll be a tough team in the East.

18. Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Future Odds: +50000
Record: 2-4 (3-3 ATS)
Previous Rank: 5

Love is putting up big numbers (19.2 PPG / 15.3 RPG) and the Cavs should trade the vet. This team has some young building blocks, but needs a lot of work and a Love trade could bring in some assets.

19. Detroit Pistons

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +15000
Record: 3-4 (3-4 ATS)
Previous Rank: 20

Griffin is about to come back from injury and play in his first game this season. DET have performed well considering the injuries and I’m excited to see what they can do once Griffin is playing.

20. Denver Nuggets

NBA Future Odds: +1600
Record: 4-2 (2-3-1 ATS)
Previous Rank: 16

The Nuggets are winning games, but not covering ATS. Surprisingly, it has been the offense that has struggled (103.5 PPG - 25th). The team is only allowing 103.2 PPG (6th). 

21. New Orleans Pelicans

NBA Future Odds: +6600
Record: 1-5 (2-4 ATS)
Previous Rank: 19

NOP are exciting to watch already and that’s without Zion. The Pels are scoring 118.3 PPG (4th), but they allow 122.5 PPG (29th). They’ve been shooting the 3-ball well also (37.5 3P% - 6th).

22. Utah Jazz

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +1400
Record: 4-3 (2-5 ATS)
Previous Rank: 17

The Jazz have lost two in a row to SAC (102-101) and LAC (105-94). Utah rank #1 in points allowed (95.6 PPG), which isn’t a surprise, but the offense is only scoring 100 PPG (28th).

23. Chicago Bulls

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +25000
Record: 2-5 (2-5 ATS)
Previous Rank: 22

The Bulls have some great young talent, but LaVine isn’t a #1 on a championship contender. CHI needs a superstar in the mix. It looks like it’ll be another rough season in Chicago.

24. Sacramento Kings

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +15000
Record: 2-5 (2-5 ATS)
Previous Rank: 30

After opening the season 0-5, the Kings have won two in a row. Losing Bagley to injury after 1 game hurt. The Kings are only scoring 101.1 PPG (27th). Fox and Hield have failed to step up.

25. Memphis Grizzlies

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +30000
Record: 1-4 (1-4 ATS)
Previous Rank: 23

Morant is putting up good numbers (18.8 PPG / 5.4 APG) as a rookie. However, the Grizzlies are going to be terrible. They’re only scoring 106.6 PPG (19th), while allowing 119.4 PPG (25th).

26. Orlando Magic

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +15000
Record: 2-4 (1-4-1 ATS)
Previous Rank: 28

If the Magic can get the offense going they’d be doing much better. ORL are scoring a league-worst 93.5 PPG, but they only allow 98.2 PPG (2nd) because of the slow pace (99 Pace - 28th) they play at.

27. San Antonio Spurs

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +6000
Record: 4-2 (1-5 ATS)
Previous Rank: 24

The SAS are winning, but have only covered ATS once. The team has seven players scoring 10+ PPG, but they definitely need either Poeltl or Lyles to take a step forward, as they’ve been struggling at C.

28. Brooklyn Nets

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +2500
Record: 2-4 (1-5 ATS)
Previous Rank: 29

The Nets have really struggled early despite Irving averaging 30.5 PPG. The Nets rank #3 in EFG% (54%), but the defense has been letting them down (119.5 PPG - 26th), despite having great size.

29. Golden State Warriors

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +10000
Record: 1-5 (1-5 ATS)
Previous Rank: 26

GSW picked up a win against the Pels early in the week, but have since lost three in a row. They’re now 1-5 ATS and it’s only going to get worse, as Curry is injured and will miss at least three months.

30. Houston Rockets

NBA Future ​​​​​​​Odds: +800
Record: 3-3 (0-6 ATS)
Previous Rank: 25

The Rockets haven’t covered ATS in a single game this season. They’re only 3-3 SU and have lost two in a row. HOU leads the league in scoring (121.3 PPG), but allow more points than anyone (127 PPG).

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