The NBA trade deadline was last Thursday and while there weren’t a lot of fireworks, several big names were traded and we’ll recap those trades throughout this week’s power rankings. There were a total of 12 trades, although some of them were miniscule.

Here are the Latest NBA Betting Trends

(Trends for Games Played Through February 10th 2020)

Favorites (Feb 4th-10th): 24-26-1 ATS (Season: 386-396-18 ATS)

Home Teams (Feb 4th-10th): 24-26-1 ATS (Season: 383-399-18 ATS)

Home Underdogs (Feb 4th-10th): 9-9 ATS (Season: 138-141-5 ATS)

Game Totals (Feb 4th-10th): 30 Overs / 20 Unders (Season: 416 Overs / 378 Unders)

Overs are hitting at a high rate these last few weeks.

#1 Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA Future Odds: +8000

Record: 32-21 (35-18 ATS)

Previous Rank: 1

I’m a little surprised OKC didn’t make any deadline moves. However, the Thunder are one of the best teams in the West since the New Year and it makes sense that they didn’t want to blow the roster up.

#2 Boston Celtics

NBA Future Odds: +2000

Record: 37-15 (31-19-2 ATS)

Previous Rank: 2

Boston are on a 7-game win streak, but they only went 1-2 ATS this week. Boston opted to stand firm at the deadline and let it ride with Tatum (22.2 PPG), Walker (22 PPG) and Brown (20.2 PPG).

#3 Milwaukee Bucks

NBA Future Odds: +250

Record: 46-7 (31-22 ATS)

Previous Rank: 6

The Bucks are the highest scoring team (119.8 PPG) and they rank #7 in points against (107.3 PPG). This is the best team in the league and they’re the only team left with single-digit losses on the season.

#4 Toronto Raptors

NBA Future Odds: +2000

Record: 40-14 (31-23 ATS)

Previous Rank: 4

Toronto just keeps winning. There’s no team playing better basketball at the moment. The Raptors are on a league-high active 15-game win streak and they decided to not make any deadline moves.

#5 Miami Heat

NBA Future Odds: +1800

Record: 35-18 (29-22-2 ATS)

Previous Rank: 3

The Heat struggled this week, going 1-3 (1-3 ATS). Miami were involved in a 3-team trade and they picked up Iguodala, Crowder and Hill. They also signed Iggy to a 2-year contract extension.

#6 Memphis Grizzlies

NBA Future Odds: +15000

Record: 27-26 (29-23-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 8

Memphis went 2-1 (2-1 ATS) this week. The Grizzlies picked up Winslow, Waiters and Dieng in a 3-team trade. They also traded for Bell and a 2nd round pick from the Rockets. They definitely improved.

#7 Dallas Mavericks

NBA Future Odds: +2500

Record: 32-22 (28-23-3 ATS)

Previous Rank: 5

The Mavs went 1-3 (1-3 ATS) this week and they need Doncic back quickly. He could be back this week according to reports. If Doncic isn’t in-form when he gets back, Dallas might not make the playoffs.

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#8 Los Angeles Clippers

NBA Future Odds: +300

Record: 37-16 (29-24 ATS)

Previous Rank: 9

The Clips went 2-1 (2-1 ATS) with wins over MIA (128-111) and CLE (133-92) this week. Beverley remains out of the line-up and he likely won’t be back in the lineup until after the all-star break.

#9 New York Knicks

NBA Future Odds: +100000

Record: 17-37 (29-24-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 11

The Knicks are out of the playoff picture most likely, but they did a good job to pick up a 1st round pick for this year’s draft at the deadline. They also picked up Harkless in the same trade.

#10 Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Future Odds: +280

Record: 40-12 (27-24-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 10

The Lakers decided to keep Kuzma at the deadline, which I believe was the best move. LAL went 3-1 (2-2 ATS) this week and they’ll likely be able to coast into the playoffs as the #1 seed in the West.

#11 New Orleans Pelicans

NBA Future Odds: +10000

Record: 22-31 (27-24-2 ATS)

Previous Rank: 13

NOP went 2-1 (2-1 ATS) this week and they’re now 5-games out of 8th in the West. My expectations are low for the Pelicans this season, but next season I expect them to be playoff contenders.

#12 Indiana Pacers

NBA Future Odds: +4000

Record: 31-23 (28-25-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 7

The Pacers didn’t make any deadline moves. Indy struggled this week (0-4 / 1-3 ATS) and they’ve now lost six games in a row. It looks like it’ll take some time to get Oladipo back into the mix.

#13 Denver Nuggets

NBA Future Odds: +1600

Record: 38-16 (26-24-4 ATS)

Previous Rank: 19

Denver have won 4 games in a row and they’re now 2nd in the West. Murray is back, but Barton and MPJ remain sidelined. If this team gets 100% healthy they’re going to be tough to beat.

#14 Utah Jazz

NBA Future Odds: +1600

Record: 35-18 (27-25-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 12

The Jazz went 3-1 (2-2 ATS) this week and they’re back on a 3-game winning streak. I’m sure the Jazz would have liked to add an offensive piece, as they only rank #16 in scoring (111.2 PPG).


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#15 Sacramento Kings

NBA Future Odds: +25000

Record: 21-32 (26-26-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 16

The Kings went 2-1 (2-1 ATS) this week. Dedmon wanted out and the Kings obliged. They were able to pick up Parker and Len in the trade, but they also had to give up two 2nd round draft picks.

#16 Washington Wizards

NBA Future Odds: +50000

Record: 18-33 (25-25-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 14

Washington had a quiet week (1-1 / 1-1 ATS). The Wizards traded McRae for Napier. Thomas was also moved in a 3-team trade and they received Robinson. Neither trade will help them this season.

#17 Brooklyn Nets

NBA Future Odds: +8000

Record: 24-28 (25-27 ATS)

Previous Rank: 25

The Nets went 2-1 (3-0 ATS) and jumped up our rankings this week. Irving is still out and won’t suit up until after the all-star break. However, the Nets are doing fine with Dinwiddie leading the charge.

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#18 Golden State Warriors

NBA Future Odds: +50000

Record: 12-42 (26-28 ATS)

Previous Rank: 17

GSW traded Russell, Evans and Spellman for Wiggins, a 1st and a 2nd. They also traded Robinson and Burks for three 2nd round picks. They now have a ton of picks over the next few years.

#19 Houston Rockets

NBA Future Odds: +1200

Record: 33-20 (25-28 ATS)

Previous Rank: 20

The Rockets traded Capela in a 4-team trade where they obtained Covington and Bell. They then picked up Caboclo for Bell, which is a nice move, as Caboclo can help off of the bench.

#20 Phoenix Suns

NBA Future Odds: +25000

Record: 21-33 (25-28-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 15

Phoenix are on a 3-7 run and there’s no way they’re going to make the playoffs. This team has some talent, but they can’t seem to win. The Suns are a team to fade as the season finishes up.

#21 Charlotte Hornets

NBA Future Odds: +75000

Record: 17-36 (25-28 ATS)

Previous Rank: 18

The Hornets are scoring 102.7 PPG (30th) and they’re on a 2-8 skid. This team will win a few games down the stretch, but they’re not a team to target, as the offense is terrible.

#22 Atlanta Hawks

NBA Future Odds: +100000

Record: 15-40 (25-29-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 24

ATL went 2-2 (2-1-1 ATS) this week. No team was busier at the deadline. The Hawks picked up Capela, Nene, Dedmon, Labissiere and some picks without having to give up too much in return.

#23 Chicago Bulls

NBA Future Odds: +35000

Record: 19-35 (24-29-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 23

The Bulls failed to make any moves at the deadline. The Bulls have lost 5 games in a row. What the Bulls need is another scorer, as the team is only scoring 106.2 PPG (26th) this season.

#24 Portland Trail Blazers

NBA Future Odds: +5000

Record: 25-29 (23-29-2 ATS)

Previous Rank: 28

Portland went 2-2 (3-1 ATS) this week. They were quiet at the deadline. With all of the injuries to this team I’m not surprised they didn’t make a move. Nurkic and Whiteside will have to co-exist.

#25 Orlando Magic

NBA Future Odds: +12500

Record: 23-31 (23-29-2 ATS)

Previous Rank: 22

Orlando want to make the playoffs and they didn’t have many options at the deadline. They ended up trading a 2nd round pick for Ennis, which may give them the small boost they need.

#26 San Antonio Spurs

NBA Future Odds: +7000

Record: 22-31 (22-30-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 21

The Spurs went 0-4 (0-4 ATS) this week and they just can’t seem to turn the corner. SAS are 5 games out of 8th in the West now and it looks like they may not even end up making the playoffs now.

#27 Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Future Odds: +100000

Record: 13-40 (22-30-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 27

I can’t blame the Cavs for picking up Drummond in a trade. They also sent Knight and Henson in return and both teams are swapping 2nd round picks. I definitely love this trade for CLE.

#28 Philadelphia 76ers

NBA Future Odds: +1600

Record: 33-21 (21-29-4 ATS)

Previous Rank: 26

The 76ers added some depth with Robinson and Burks, but they gave up a lot of picks. Burks may be helpful down the stretch, but neither player is going to make a big difference in the playoffs.

#29 Detroit Pistons

NBA Future Odds: +35000

Record: 19-37 (20-35-1 ATS)

Previous Rank: 30

The Pistons finally got out of last place in our rankings, but it’s unlikely to remain that way for long. Drummond was traded at the deadline and Griffin is out for the year, so DET is going to struggle.

#30 Minnesota Timberwolves

NBA Future Odds: +25000

Record: 16-36 (18-32-2 ATS)

Previous Rank: 29

Minnesota have 1 win in their last 15 games. Trading Wiggins was smart, especially since they were able to get Russell who is best friends with KAT. If you’re betting on MIN games, bet the over.


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