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Are You Rooting For Lakers To Pass On Lonzo Ball?

By Mike Sullivan

There has obviously been a ton of talk about Lonzo Ball over the past few months. I mean do I even need to explain why?

We all know about how good of a player he is. He’s a big, physical, athletic guard who proved to be one of the best players in the nation at UCLA. I mean there’s no doubt he’s a great basketball player. We all know he deserves to be a very high pick in the draft.

But how high? I’ll get into that in a minute.

There’s a certain buzz when talking about Lonzo Ball that obviously stems from his father, LaVar, who has done some questionable things over the past few months.

LaVar is always excited to get in front of a microphone and deliver a national headline worthy sound byte. He’s also never afraid to talk about his $500 shoes that he’s selling.

There has been a lot of criticism for LaVar on whether or not he’s taking advantage of his sons and exploiting them. Others praise him for being an involved father.

But it’s hard to be on his side when he constantly runs his mouth about how he could beat Michael Jordan in one-on-one. Or when he’s running his mouth saying that his son is already better than Steph Curry. He’s also said that he only wants Lonzo to play for the Lakers and that no other team should draft him except the Lakers at No. 2 overall.

These comments turn people off and make the entire family unlikable. That’s why I’m curious if people are actually rooting for Lonzo Ball to fall in the draft just to stick it to LaVar.

You see, I think Lonzo is pretty likeable. He never runs his mouth about anything and even jokes about his dad being crazy sometimes. But LaVar doesn’t make things easy on his sons. LaVar’s crazy comments only serve as a distraction to his sons who are working hard.

News recently came out that Lonzo Ball came to his Lakers workout out of shape. More news began to surface that Ball may in fact get passed up by the Lakers for Josh Jackson.

Yahoo Sports, among other outlets, have reported that Kansas forward Josh Jackson has already been promised to be drafted. It’s just unclear whether it’s the Celtics, Sixers or Lakers who have promised him. But he’s already cancelled a workout with the Celtics, which means he’s likely realizing he won’t be going there.

Jackson and Ball each have another workout scheduled with the Lakers. It certainly appears that the Lakers are deciding which of the two players they should draft. It’s not an easy decision.

But can you imagine if the Ball gets passed by the Lakers? I imagine LaVar would freak out and be upset about it, which would cause even more problems for the team who indeed drafts Lonzo Ball.

A lot of people are rooting for this chaos just because they don’t want to see LaVar get his way.

Regardless of what happens, LaVar needs to stop being a distraction to his sons and let them live their lives.

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