By Brad Mullins

Well, so to speak. Is he on the trading block? It doesn't appear that way, but how quickly times can change. Blake Griffin is now declaring for free agency. Let the sparing begin. Arguably, Griffin is not a superstar. He has proven himself a great talent in the NBA. Averaging 21.5 ppg, 9.4 rebounds, and 52% shooting in 7 seasons.

Griffin has not reached his full potential. We have yet to see the best of Blake Griffin...solid, absolutely, exciting, for sure, a super star, not so fast. He finishes his seventh season having been an all star in five of them. Not bad considering the heavy talent in the west. Griffin brings an exciting style to the game, thundering dunks along with a charismatic flare that thrives in today's fast paced, in your face, high scoring NBA.

The Clippers must dig deep and find a way in this fight. Blake Griffin is the Clippers! Where do they find themselves without him? With 21.4 million on the table one would think this a no brainer, but slow down, we are talking about the Clippers here! Finding themselves bounced from the 2nd round the last few seasons, simply is unacceptable. This past season no exception. Griffin goes down game 3 against the Utah Jazz; bounced! He needs help.

A superstar can only carry a team so far. We have already established that Blake Griffin is not a superstar. A great player for sure, an even better player with help.

Do you think Blake is a part of the Lakers monster plan?

He either gets the help he needs, or he bolts. No one can blame him. He wants to win. Anyone who has watched him play, knows his talent and sees his desire. He can be a superstar, he has this potential. When a franchise places all their hopes on one man and asks him to carry them on his back, it becomes a grind. How long can he grind it out? How long does he even want to grind it out?

The easy thing today is to say "they play for the money", true it may be in many cases. Don't be fooled about Blakes desire, and his heart. An honest fan can't legitimately judge Blake Griffin as "mailing it in". This guy balls night in and night out, grinds it out and delivers a show. The Clippers had better prepare them selves to deliver the money!

So, back to the dilemma. It's the Clippers! Will they find their potential superstar, some help? They must, and they must do it now. The clippers selected Griffin 1st overall in the draft seven years ago, although much disappointment has befallen the seemingly jinxed team, Griffin has put them on the map!

Sign Griffin to a long term deal or lose him, it' that simple. Who doesn't want a "Griffin" like talent? The Bulls, Heat, Knicks? This is going to get real interesting real quick. 21.4 million is owed this man; chump change! Payup or lose this man, he's your franchise. But then again; it is the Clippers.

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