The Cleveland Cavaliers have been through it all in the first half of this season. They have had their share of triumphs, failures, great moments and awful moments. The Cavaliers are desperately searching for their identity. There is still time for this team. They have a solid record coming into tonight game at 26-15 and LeBron is having another fantastic year. 

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LeBron’s numbers cannot be argued they are good and based on numbers alone; he is having another MVP year or at the very least, making a great case for it. Across the board, he has put up the following: 37 min. pg, 27.1 ppg, 55.8 percent shooting and 38.9 percent from downtown. These numbers are still superstar numbers, they are still MVP numbers and any team would love to have a player on LeBron’s level.

What LeBron is not doing is leading, rallying the troops and convincing his team that they are still the best in the East. This bears the question; does he believe that his team is the best in the East? Really, it’s a fair question and not one that’s out of bounds. Does he believe the Cavaliers are the best team in the Eastern Conference? Of course, he will always say the correct things and always speak tongue in cheek. Is this really good enough?

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One thing is for sure; everything that LeBron does should be for the betterment of the Cavaliers, it should be with a title in mind and it should be to better his teammates.

LeBron has made his choices, now he has to accept them for what they are and where the chips are falling. Kyrie Irving should have never left town and any real NBA fan knows this. Kyrie was much more than a role player, he was much more than someone who filled a gap and he was much more than a friend. Dwayne Wade is a friend. LeBron got his friend and look at how that’s working out!

It is what it is and Kyrie leaving Cleveland is in the books. Its history and nothing can be done about it. What can be done is this: LeBron James must find his passion again; he must find what he had in Miami, what he had two years ago. Stop acting board, stop acting like this is a right and not a privilege. 

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LeBron, stop being a crybaby and a whiner, get back to being a winner. Get back to being one of the top 5 players in the history of the NBA. Where did that guy go? Yes, he is still putting up the big numbers but he looks bored, he looks like its no longer fun.

The Pacers will be ready for LeBron tonight. Count on this, know this and be prepared for an entertaining game. The Cavaliers are giving up 108.2 ppg but scoring 110.2 ppg. The Cavs can score with anybody; can they play defense? Neither team plays well on the defensive front. Expect this to go flying over the total! It will be fun. LeBron needs to step up and want this game or he will lose tonight. Which LeBron will we see?

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