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Charles Smith Called, Says Paul George Is Soft

By Brad Mullins
Ok Millennials you may have to dig deep for this one. Yes, there was actually a guy who played for the Knicks, named Charles Smith. He was one of those guys who bounced around the league for a few years and found a home on the roster spot with the Knicks for 4 short or long seasons, depending on perspective. Smith put up some decent numbers, he wasn't terrible. Keep in mind, that in the early to mid 90's the Knicks were really good. Yea hard to believe! The Knicks have been unwatchable for more than a generation.

What happened to smash mouth basketball? In the 90's, the NBA was about elbows to the kidney, hand checking in full court press, not allowing any space as a defender, and having no fear of anyone. It was about Dennis Rodman pulling down 18 rebounds per night and routinely getting tossed for kicking someone! What happened to the Charles Oakley's of the world or Dumars, even better yet, the Bill Laimbeer's of the basketball world? These guys knew how to ball and ball they did, on a nightly basis. Michael Jordan has always maintained that Joe Dumars was his toughest defender. Michael was a tough defender in his own right, an extremely tough defender that was famous for stepping on feet, forearm checking and not allowing one inch of space.

Poor Charles Smith just didn't fit this billing. He was finesse, he was a pretty boy who said and did all the right things. A nice guy he was, with a good enough skill set to play in the NBA for 10 seasons and average 14 ppg. Had Charles Smith stepped up to the role he was given and played the part; the Knicks would have probably beaten the Bulls. It never happened. Smith simply put; was soft. He couldn't get it done in a smash mouth era. His most famous moment has to be in 1993 against the Bulls with 21 seconds remaining, Patrick to Smith down low, four chances, literally, four times Smith went up for the basket and he was blocked four consecutive times. It was ugly, brutal, a melt down moment for the Knicks and especially Smith.

Have you been paying attention? This year's NBA Summer League has been entertaining.

Let's not make the comparison between Paul George and Charles Smith based on skill set. Paul George is a better player, he is a better scorer, a better rebounder and a slightly better defender -- (although, Charles Smith did have four rebounds in maybe four seconds in that now, infamous fiasco) -- Is Paul George soft?

Let's crunch the numbers.

In post season play, George is averaging 19 points per game, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and less than one block. His offensive numbers are good, not superstar good, however, they are solid numbers and should translate well with the Thunder. Especially considering that he will be sharing the duties with an established superstar in Russell Westbrook.

The knock on PG has always been that he is complacent, possibly a bit lazy and slightly lacking in heart. Pacers fans understand basketball better than most fans around the country; this certainly doesn't mean that they are always right; but this understanding goes a long way.

At the end of the day the Thunder had KD. What did they win? Yeah, nada! Paul George finds himself with a team that failed to get it done, even when they had the now reigning NBA finals MVP.

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