Tonight’s matchup in Brooklyn is set to be a good one. Both teams are mad, both teams are frustrated and both of them need a win. The Pistons are giving up a plethora of points and their defense has seemingly hit a wall. The Pistons are especially mad about losing two close games at home to Eastern Conference rivals. The real problem in Pistons camp is not at home, it’s on the road. They must find a way to stop the bleeding and with five straight road losses, they need to turn this around tonight.

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  The Pistons find themselves with an 8-13 record on the road and that’s as bad as it gets in the East. They have allowed 101.4 ppg and 46.9 percent shooting during the five game losing streak. The Pistons ride the streaks in waves, they are doomed with bad quarters and bad runs and the worst of luck seems to befall them at the worst of times.

They have experienced some dismal moments and their slide started with a loss in Dallas on the 20th by a 110-93 margin. They gave up 43 points in the second quarter. Considering this was to Dallas, makes it all the worse. The Dallas Mavericks aren’t exactly known this year for being a scoring juggernaut! They went on to lose in Orlando and gave up 33 in the first quarter, then a loss to Miami followed up by an unmentionable loss in Philly, 114-78.

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Stan Van Gundy finds himself in a tough spot and he is desperately searching for answers. On Monday, the Pistons really hit the bottom of the barrel when New Orleans shot 68 percent in the first quarter, 62 percent in the third and 57 percent in the fourth.

Van Gundy went off and expressed his anger with the team. “We’ve lost five straight on the road and all of them have been horrendous defensive effort, every one of them,” Van Gundy said. “Pathetic defensive effort. I don’t think our effort is close to good.”

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Tobias is the one bright spot in the midst of Detroit’s woes and has averaged over 21 points in the last 10 games. Harris scored 25 points in the loss at New Orleans.  Harris had these comments after the loss. “When we’re on the road, we can’t play backed off. We’ve got to bring the heat to whoever we’re playing, so it’s going to be our mindset and it’s going to be what we need to bring to the next game that focus that we need to get stops and really impose our will from the start.”

The Nets are improving. They are still struggling, but showing improvement. They lost to Boston on the 31st by three and beat Orlando by three and got a two point victory in Minnesota. They went on to lose to the Celtics 87-85 and then in overtime to the Raptors 114-113. They are staying in games and not getting blown out, such as was the case in the early going of the season.

Tonight’s game is a worthy watch. If you like close ones and most likely high scoring affairs, then dial this one up. It’s going to be fun.

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