We are right in the thick of football season and I love it. You guys know by now how much I love the sport of football. Whether it’s high school, college, or obviously the NFL, I absolutely love it. I will always prefer watching a football game over any other sport. Simply put, it’s how I was raised. I played football and it was also on television in my house all the time.

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However, as excited as I am about the football season and all that comes with it, I’m also starting to get very excited about the return of the NBA season! I cannot wait. There are a ton of great storylines this season that I’ll be following.

I’ve always said that one of the best parts about sports are rivalries. I think sports have kind of lacked those true rivalries lately. Sure, there are some, but sports need rivalries to thrive. Rivalries bring fan bases together, and also put fan bases against each other. Rivalries create a sense of pride and that’s really what rooting for your team is all about.

I think this season will be full of rivalries, and a couple ones in particular.

Clearly, the OKC Thunder and Golden State Warriors rivalry has now been juiced up even more with the additions OKC has added. Carmelo Anthony and Paul George make the Thunder a force to be reckon with. Those superstars playing alongside Russell Westbrook will be fascinating to watch. They clearly give the Thunder a much better chance of winning the NBA Finals this season. I’m extremely excited to watch the Thunder vs. Warriors rivalry and see how it evolves now that it is more competitive.

Of course, the Spurs will always be in the mix in the West, as well as the Rockets. It will be great to watch the Western Conference and see if the Warriors can once again emerge from it, or if one of the other viable contenders will steal it from them. Looking for the latest NBA news?

Looking at the Eastern Conference is very exciting as well. We will have another rivalry emerge between LeBron James and his former running mate Kyrie Irving. This will be a Westbrook/Durant type feel this season whenever those two teams play each other. Both teams have a great amount of talent, which should make for some great matchups.

Also, Dwyane Wade reunited with his pal LeBron James in Cleveland. This is pretty cool considering LeBron once left to team up with Dwyane Wade in his home, now Wade is returning the favor to James, albeit at the end of his career. But Wade definitely still has some good basketball left in him despite getting older.

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Think if I would have told you a few years ago that LeBron James, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, and Kevin Love would all be on the same team together. It would have sounded crazy! Now obviously, all those guys aren’t the players they were years ago, but there is still a ton of talent on Cleveland.

The rivalries this season will be better than ever. I can’t wait to watch!

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