We often talk about futures betting and also prop bets. They are a huge part of sports gambling, and a fun way to bet outside of the box. I certainly enjoy both prop bets and futures bets. Right now, I'd like to talk to you about a bet I'd gladly place a ton of money on right now if I could.

Here's the futures prop bet:

LeBron James' 12 year old son, Bronny, will play a professional sport when he's older.

That's right, I want to bet on a 12 year old kid. And here's what made me think of this bet.

Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown posted a photo on twitter with Bronny at Steelers practice. Here's what Brown said:

"Young King came through today! Boy dunking goals posts; boy catching juggs; the boy just naturally great"

LeBron himself responded:

"Appreciate the love with my Young King Bronny today AB! Good luck this year and do work!! As u always do"

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I've been firm in this belief for awhile now. Even before we've seen crazy highlights of Bronny playing basketball, or before knowing that he already holds college scholarship offers. I've always been a big believer that he will play in the NBA (Or maybe even the NFL) one day when he's older.

I mean, let's just look at what's on his side. His dad is the best basketball player who ever lived. Which means he has great natural genes and also great coaching.

In addition to that, he's also famous and will always be in the limelight. People will always be watching him and he will always have an advantage over other kids his age.

He simply looks like an athletic freak on video. He looks like he will evolve into a tremendous athlete. And from all I've read, he already is one!

I have no doubt that he will eventually play in the National Basketball Association. He's 12 years old right now, which means he could play in the NBA in another 7 years at the earliest.

Could you imagine if LeBron is still in the league 7 years from now!? LeBron would be 39 and his son would be 19. It would be absolutely crazy to see those 2 in the league at the same time.

But if given the opportunity, I would certainly place a lot of money on a prop bet about Bronny playing in the NBA one day. I'd lay down thousands of dollars on it, for a 7 year return.

Meanwhile, until then he will continue to be a kid, and tear up AAU circuits. I think we will be seeing a lot of Bronny highlights over the next few years.

Oh and do not forget about his younger son Bryce who is just 10 years old right now. We have not seen a ton of videos on him yet, but he definitely has a lot of the same advantages as his older brother does. Be on the lookout for both of them to shine on a national spotlight type level over the next few years.

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