By Mike Sullivan

I’m a big LeBron James fan, there’s no denying it. I’ve been a huge fan ever since he was just a junior in high school. I’ve followed his entire career very closely, covered him many times, and I enjoy seeing him do so well.

I never thought he would reach this level of greatness. I knew he’d be good. Real good. But when I first started watching him in high school it was disingenuous to say he was going to be the greatest basketball player of all time. Or certainly one of them.

In my opinion, LeBron James is the best basketball player to every play this sport. Of course you can talk all you want about titles, and that’s fair. But statistically speaking, LeBron has played far tougher competition in the Finals than Jordan ever did.

Of course you can imagine how disappointed I am that it looks like LeBron will lose this Finals. I mean this would have cemented him as the single greatest player of all time. But now all it’s done is lead to people questioning his greatness and clutch gene.

From a pure talent stand point, LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. He’s more of a complete player and makes everyone around him better. If you want to say Jordan is more clutch. Fine. If you want to say he’s a better pure scorer than LeBron (Even though LeBron will top Jordan in every single offensive category). Fine. But LeBron James is significantly and statistically better than Jordan in every other category.

Alright enough talking about the greatest player. Let’s move the conversation to another topic of discussion for tonight.

Simply put, if Golden State completes their sweep of the Cavs and becomes the first team in NBA history to go 16-0 in the playoffs, is it fair to say they are the single greatest team ever?

I mean you can make the argument they would go down as the single greatest team in all of sports history.

Some question whether or not everyone in the Warriors camp even want a sweep.

What the Warriors are doing right now is unprecedented. They are playing with a level of dominance like we’ve never seen before. The Warriors are literally unbeatable and it’s crazy to think about what they’re doing from a historical perspective.

They are a team with four superstars and four future hall of famers in my opinion. Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are all tremendous players. And quite frankly, this might be the last time the 4 of them are together. It looks like Klay Thompson will be out the door and sign a max contract with another team in the offseason. He deserves it.

This is their chance right now. It’s their chance to solidify themselves as the single greatest team ever assembled in sports. Completing a sweep of the Cavaliers in the Finals would lock it up. Especially considering how dominant the Cavs were this postseason as well. Sweeping them would speak volumes.

16-0 in the postseason is unprecedented. If the Warriors pull it off tonight, I think we have to anoint them the best team ever.

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