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LeBron Always Gets a Pass

By Frankie the Fan

Why is it that no matter what happens in the playoffs, it’s never LeBron’s fault? I couldn’t believe the article that I read on the Internet that was titled, “Cavs lose but LeBron remains undefeated”.

First, before we get to the point of this article let’s just state the fact that LeBron can’t carry Kevin Durant’s jock strap.

One guy releases the ball like silk and you know that it’s going in, the other throws up a rock, and although I do admit his jumper has gotten better, you can’t compare the 2 from deep. One guy is humble, the other likes to tell you has good he is. One guy passes to the right man at the right time to make his teammates better, the other passes when he is trouble or just to make a fantastic play. One guy is unstoppable, and I can count on one hand the times that he truly had a bad game, and the other when he is off, it isn’t very pretty. One guy is a creation of hard work, and the other is a creation of advertising.

None of this matters for the point of this article. The other article points out that it’s never James’ fault when they see his stats and blame the rest of the team, then they always say they need more talent on the team.

The latest rumor is Carmelo Anthony. He’d fit right in; he’s a putz who doesn’t care about winning. Basketball is a team sport, period. There are five guys on the court that work together and a few bench guys are needed to spell the starters.

To make a statement that James remains undefeated is ludicrous. When Bob Cousy and the Celtics lost in the 50’s it wasn’t cuz Tom Heinson had a bad game. Nobody cares that Cousy had a triple double; all that matters is that that the Celtics lost. This is still true today, the bottom line is the Warriors, even without Kevin Durant were the better team and should be 3-time champs if not for Curry hurting his knee and the suspension of Green in last year’s playoffs.

Then when you add in my option the best players I’ve ever (except for Michael), and I’ve seen Pistol Pete, George Gervin, Dr. J and the rest, there was no way in hell the Cavs were going to beat this team unless there were injures or suspensions again.

FACT: It's not LeBron's fault Cleveland lost. Words from our own Sully. Click here to see his article.

Let’s get back to the point of this article. I played street ball in NYC, and if you miss a shot you never get the ball back, when you’re playing 3 on 3, it’s based on passing and movement, getting the ball to teammates, cutting to the open space and receiving the pass, and either shooting or passing to a more open man. This is how the Warriors play. They are not selfish with the ball, they always pass up a good shot for a better shot.

In game one, they were flying around the court and the Cavs were just dribbling between their legs trying to go one-on-one with the defender. This is another version of NYC street ball and it drives me crazy. It’s not about 5 individuals alone, it about “TEAM”, which is why my head exploded when I read the article that was titled. “Cavs lose but LeBron remains undefeated”. It’s 5-on-5 plus the bench, and the best “TEAM” won, and no one really cares how many points or even assists for that matter LeBron got. He couldn’t make his teammates good enough to beat the Warriors, and that is all that matters.

Getting a little philosophical for a second, I read something else about 2 years ago, about how this generation is being taught to be part of the group and children from my generation were taught about individualism. If that’s the case, then why is more important in sports like basketball that it does matter how the group performs, and only what the individual does. This is why the skills competition at the all-star game is unwatchable and all of the super teams are bad for the league.

The Warriors were not like the Heat in which three players colluded to win it all. They were homegrown, won a title on their own then added a free agent to make them unstoppable. LeBron is 32 years old and his days are numbered and the Warriors are all in their prime. I can’t wait till next year’s finals when they get swept as they should’ve been this year except for the fact that Golden State played game 4 like it was an exhibition game and played no defense. Their scores and odds showed for it. (That cost me 5.5 to 1 on the sweep).

LeBron, you and your Cavs are both not undefeated and I can’t even say you are the second-best team because I’m sure if you were in western conference there were 3 or 4 teams that were better then you.

Frankie Has spoken

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