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LeBron | What Comes First, His Legacy or the Cavaliers?

LeBron James is the best player in the NBA. Face the facts. Whether you love or despise him is not the point. The guy has proven to the world that he is the best player. He is not the best player of all time, that is not what’s being said here. He is not the best of all time and he never will be. Michael Jordan is still the king and he will remain the king.

It’s life, buckle up and hang on as you are realizing that LeBron will never be better than dear old Michael! Apologizes to no one for admitting that Michael is better than LeBron. He is better than LeBron, and here is why? One simple reason…The public believes that he is better. This is not about X’s and O’s, and this may not even be about who won more NBA championships.

Is this a cynical point of view? Yes, it is. What’s life without a little cynicism? Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, and often that opinion is generational. This is what makes sports arguments so interesting. Different backgrounds bring different arguments, different generations, bring different arguments as well.

Let’s not make a comparison here; let’s not even look at the numbers. Most all of us know the numbers and really, its apples and oranges. Why go down this boring and tired road? This is not a comparison of numbers; however, this is a look at the NBA’s best, active player.

Kyrie Irving just took a hike!

Here is what this means for LeBron.

Unless Michael Jordan comes back and signs with the Cavs; Lebron has no shot at winning another title! Forget Isaiah Thomas, forget draft picks, just shut out the noise. Absolutely none of this means anything, not one of these players or draft picks can bring what Kyrie left.

Kyrie was that good, he played that much of a role. Not only did he play the role on paper; he played it in the locker room. Kyrie was “Scotty Pippen”, he was “Michaels, Scotty”. LeBron has lost his “Scotty” and nobody will replace him.

What really matters to Lebron?

Cleveland matters to LeBron. It’s that simple…Cleveland matters most and he proved it when he left Miami. LeBron James can go anywhere he wants to go and he can get it done in five minutes! There is not one NBA team that wouldn’t sign him right now, and said team would most likely end the season atop the NBA standings. LeBron has carte blanche; he holds the cards and he knows it.

Why doesn’t he leave?

Because he loves Cleveland, it’s his backyard and he has nothing more to prove. Who cares if the public thinks that Michael is the greatest of all time? Who cares if Michael IS the greatest of all time? Not LeBron, he certainly doesn’t care. If he cared, he would go to San Antonio, Houston, Dallas or to the Clippers. Folks, he doesn’t care! He has had a magnificent career and whatever happens in Cleveland the rest of the way; it happens, the chips fall where they may. LeBron is staying put, and he will not win another NBA championship.

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