Tuesday night we witnessed one of the most gruesome sports injuries ever. On NBA Opening night in Cleveland, Celtics forward Gordon Hayward jumped up to the basket for a routine rebound and came down awkwardly on his legs. He literally broke his leg and snapped his ankle. It was one of the most difficult injuries to watch.

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It is even more difficult considering Hayward was only 5 minutes into his anticipated Boston Celtics debut. You never want to see guys get hurt, let alone in a situation like this, and let alone an extremely gruesome injury like this one.

The entire crowd was in shock. The reaction on the Cavaliers bench, and by the players on the floor, told the entire story as well. Every player seemingly had to grimace and look away in disgust because of how terrible the injury was.

It was a huge story. And it begs the question whether or not the television broadcast should be showing replays of it.

Some people were saying the broadcast should NOT show the replay because of how gruesome it was, and even complaining that they showed too much. Other people said the broadcast should show it because it’s a major story and it’s their duty to report on the game and show people what happened.

Let’s look at it from both perspectives.

Everyone has a difference tolerance for stuff like this. But I would guess that most people would prefer NOT to see a gruesome injury like this where they have to grimace in disgust. However, seeing injuries like this doesn’t even bother some people.

But from the other perspective, it is the broadcast’s duty and responsibility to report on what happened. This was the biggest story of the game and their job is to talk about it and inform people about what is going on. A major part of this reporting is to show the replay.

Is there a middle ground? Is there a way to do it without going over the top with a million replays that are already available on social media?

Well, TNT ultimately made the decision to show the replay from a far distance at halftime, and not show the close up of his separated ankle. Most people seemed to think this was the best protocol of how to report on this.

This was a very unfortunate way to begin the 2017-2018 NBA season. However, it was nice to see players, coaches, and fans from both teams show respect to Hayward. LeBron James gave some words of encouragement to him on the ground, and also visited him in the locker room. This type of sportsmanship is great to see.

Let’s hope no other major injuries like this happen. We were only 5 minutes into the season and saw one of the most gruesome injuries you will ever see. It was right up there with Kevin Ware in my opinion. It is simply something that you never want to see happen to anyone, regardless of who you are rooting for.

I wish Gordon Hayward a quick recovery!

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