It happens every year, the oddsmakers at the various sportsbooks have a few teams in every sport that gives them trouble. Sometimes they cannot set a number on a spread high or low enough, with the same true on a total.

Some years, it's not that big of a deal, because the public might not be looking at these teams, thus, the volume does not hurt them. And other times sharps might be unconvinced about particular squads fortunes and do not see the value in backing them for good or bad reasons.

To date in the NBA, Sacramento and Washington are at the high end of volatility for both side and total betting. The Kings do not attract much attention because, well, they are in Sac-Town. Washington, after a few pretty good years of mostly regular season success, they are playing like the Redskins.


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However, in both cases, more and more the Kings and Wizards (maybe time for some medieval thinking) are attracting more sharp action because of the consistency of how they are delivering winners the peripheral numbers that accompany their results.

Let's look at both teams and you can decide if they make sense for your NBA picks.

Crown The Kings Two Ways

Your average better is not going to know, but the Sacramento Kings are not only much improved and have been hovering around .500 all year. They have also been one the best teams to back against the NBA odds, winning better than at a 60 percent clip.

Last year Sacramento was last in points scored at 98.7 PPG. At that point they had not embraced where the league was going, shooting more three's and trying to play at a faster pace.

That has all changed this season. The Kings are one of the best offensive clubs in the Association, ranked in the Top 5 in scoring, field goal percentage and three-point accuracy.

With Golden State, the Clippers and LeBron in L.A., it's hard to get noticed in the Pacific Division, but the Kings are youth and just enough experience, they are not like Phoenix for example.

Buddy Hield and De'Aaron Fox make for nice guard tandem and offer a lot of speed to go along with point production. When healthy, Bogdan Bogdanovic fits nicely into the backcourt.

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Up front, Willie Cauley-Stein, Marvin Bagley III and Nemanja Bjelica all add something different and are alert players who can position there games to take care of weaknesses.

With so much focus on offense, the Kings defense is lacking and they are the top OVER team in the league. All oddsmakers can do is to keep pushing totals higher on Sacramento and subtracting points on them as underdogs.

Washington Is Wonderful In Two Aspects

Among the biggest disappointments in the NBA, this season is the Washington Wizards. Not only is Washington losing more than 60 percent of their games played, but they are the best Play Against team in The Association.

Their level is disinterest is alarming, even by NBA standards, particularly so on the road where they are 4-14 SU and ATS, losing by more than 10 points night.

Any team with John Wall and Bradley Beal should be close to .500 just with those two. But with Dwight Howard out again, Otto Porter Jr. having a tough season and nobody playing any defense, there is nothing magical about these Wizards.

Yet, there is one strong bright spot (not that being a Play Against team isn't), as Washington is by the numbers of the worst defensive teams in the NBA, which places them right behind Sacramento for OVERs.

Sportsbooks will have to deal with the Wizards in the same manner as the Kings, keep probing until you force them to level off. In the meantime, you as the basketball bettor can profit.

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