Report: NBA, players agree to extend CBA deadline

Report: NBA, players agree to extend CBA deadline

The NBA and the NBA Players Association continue to make progress on a new collective bargaining agreement, with both sides agreeing to extend a previous deadline on an agreement, according to multiple reports.

An original deadline of Dec. 15 is likely to be extended into February per reporting from ESPN, as both sides work to avoid a work stoppage that could take effect in July of 2023 should either side opt out of the league's current seven-year agreement (set to expire at the conclusion of the 2023-24 season).

One of the biggest remaining hurdles for the two sides is the league's desire for an upper spending limit, something that would be a departure from existing structure and something the players oppose.

Several teams, including the Golden State Warriors (reportedly $176.5 million in luxury tax, the most in the league) are over the current luxury tax limit of $150.3 million, but the NBA is proposing a harder limit to prevent that from occurring into the future.

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