I want to be very clear about something. The Cavaliers are still a legitimate NBA title contender. I was reading through my Monday emails and I came across one from the Cavs. It was a press release about their official training camp roster. I opened it up and took a look.

Now, of course, I had known their roster for the most part. But after taking a very detailed look at their training camp roster, I realized that this team might be pretty damn good.

Here is their roster in its alphabetical order as of today:

José Calderón 

Jae Crowder

Kay Felder

Channing Frye

Jeff Green

John Holland

LeBron James

Richard Jefferson

Kyle Korver

Kevin Love

Cedi Osman

Kendrick Perkins

Derrick Rose

Iman Shumpert

J.R. Smith

Edy Tavares

Isaiah Thomas

Tristan Thompson

Ante Zizic

Here’s a video with a deeper look at the Cavaliers 2017-18 season:

That’s pretty damn solid if you ask me. I was curious what the Cavs current NBA title odds are. They are actually listed at 4/1, which is second behind the Golden State Warriors who are 4/7.

Vegas clearly believes the Cavs are legit, but I don’t get the vibe that people do. Most people think they are a crumbled team who will be good but not great this season. I beg to differ.

When you look at all the talent on this roster, it’s clear they will be very good. Obviously LeBron is LeBron, but they also have Isaiah Thomas who is a stud, Kevin Love who is very good, Jae Crowder will contribute a lot this season. And they have very solid role players like Tristan Thompson, Derrick Rose, Kyle Korver and JR Smith. They also have additional veteran presence from Richard Jefferson and Jose Calderon. This team has a bit of everything.

Oh and all of this is without even considering the strong possibility of Dwyane Wade joining the Cavs soon, as reports have indicated.

I definitely think the Cavs will return to the NBA Finals this season and have a good chance of winning it. This will likely be LeBron’s last season in Cleveland, so there’s a lot on the line with that.

The Cavs have size, speed, athleticism, experience, and depth. They have everything a championship team needs. It will just be a matter of whether or not they can stay healthy and produce on the floor.

For those wondering who the other teams with the best NBA title odds are, let’s take a look. After Cleveland, you’ll see Boston at 8/1, followed by Houston at 12/1, the Spurs at 12/1, and the new look explosive Thunder at 20/1.

From a value perspective, I actually think 20/1 on the OKC Thunder is pretty damn good. They are a team poised to compete at the highest level with Westbrook, George and now Carmelo. They will be very fun to watch.

But like I said, I still think Cleveland is a force to be reckon with. Forget about this being LeBron’s last season in Cleveland, and just look at the overall talent on the roster. As I said, they have everything you need in order to make a serious title run. I think it will be a very fun NBA season to watch.

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