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This Just Got Me Really Excited For The NBA Season

I want to talk about one of the coolest NBA things I’ve seen this offseason. Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of pickup games. I enjoy seeing pro athletes step away from the serious game atmosphere, and instead go out and simply ball. That’s what pickup games are. They are a chance to ball, without many rules, and let natural talent take over.

It’s awesome to see. Pro athletes are obviously some of the most athletic and talented people on the planet. So to watch them compete using raw athleticism and talent is a lot of fun.

There was a pickup game in New York a week ago that had the look of an NBA all star game.

Serge Ibaka, James Harden, Iman Shumpert, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Enes Kanter all took to a court in Manhattan to get a run in, when it had no bearing on the NBA standings.

Now, we know how all star games are. They are essentially pickup games with the best players. But all star games are also a spectacle and a league function. To see these guys step away from the NBA and simply play on a court like us normal people do is really cool.

Iman Shumpert talked about how this game actually came together:

“Chris Brickley, one of the guys that used to work in player development when I was with the Knicks, he’s been training a ton of guys,” he said. “He was (talking to) my trainer Adam, telling him that guys were having runs up there at (Life Time Athletic at Sky) and I saw (Russell Westbrook) out at Fashion Week and I’m like ‘yo are you going up there to play?’ (He said) ‘I’m playing’, so I told Brick ‘I’m playing.’ (Carmelo Anthony)’s like ‘I’m playing’, I’m like cool, you’re playing.

“We played the one day and before we came back the next day, Bricks said ‘yeah, James Harden and (Chris Paul) said they’re coming today.’ Then JaVale McGee came. Guys just start hearing about it and everyone comes over and you have a game. I think it’s dope that Melo got it up and running. The fact that they let people come in there and get good games going, it’s dope. It keeps basketball alive all summer.”

Pretty awesome. I’d love to see more NBA guys do stuff like this. Or even another sport, too. How cool would it be to see a bunch of football players play a pickup game, or MLB sluggers go to a local park and compete in a home run derby? It would be sick.

This NBA pickup game that just happened gets me excited for the season. I can’t wait to have some NBA basketball back!

The pickup game was closed to the public, but man I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall. It’s definitely one of the most talented rosters we’ve ever seen/heard compete in a pickup game. If only Kevin Durant would have been there too with Russell Westbrook! That would have been even more entertaining. But nonetheless, still a very cool event.

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