By Mike Sullivan

I’ve heard a lot of complaints over the past week about two different people. These are complaints that many sports fans have expressed over and over again. I’ve heard these complaints at length and these complaints never seem to go away.

The two people I’m talking about are none other than LaVar Ball and Tim Tebow. Two very polarizing figures. Two guys who are truly love/hate type of men.

But a lot of people are sick and tired of hearing about these two in the news. Some people are furious and don’t think there’s any point in hearing about these two in the news. Let’s take a minute to talk about both of these guys.

First off, LaVar Ball. He’s been one constant media storm the past 6 months. Headline after headline, quote after quote, this guy just won’t go away. We all know about the wacky predictions and of course the Big Baller Brand.

A lot of people are unhappy with how he’s essentially used his sons to build a company and creates distractions for his kids with all of his downright stupid comments he makes in the media. However, other people will say that he’s a great father who’s involved in his son’s lives. An active father who does all he possibly can to help his kids succeed. The true epitome of a love/hate figure.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about Tim Tebow. He’s without question one of the best college football players to ever play the game. He was fantastic at Florida. He constantly made headlines by pushing his religious views in public, which a lot of people have a problem with.

A lot of people also have a problem with this whole baseball thing. He’s in the minor league system with the Mets and we constantly see him in the news for anything he does on the field. Now the Mets are even promoting him to high A ball, in what seems to be an attempt to sell tickets. It feels like one big PR stunt.

So the question remains, which one of these men are you more tired of hearing about between LaVar Ball and Tim Tebow?

Are you sick of hearing about a former college football player who, for some reason, is trying to play baseball? Someone who is constantly pushing his religious views.

Or are you more sick of hearing about a father who is trying to live through his sons and always create ridiculous headlines in the media?

I think more people are sick of LaVar Ball over Tim Tebow. But there are certainly a lot of people who hate Tebow as well. It’s a fascinating question and I don’t think anyone is exactly happy to constantly see headlines about either of these guys.

It’s just too much. There’s no reason we need to see as many news stories as we do about these two guys. However, I don’t expect it to end anytime soon. Unfortunately, Tebow and LaVar will continue to grab headlines. It’s now up to us to decide whether or not we want to consume this news.

Comment about who are you more sick of hearing about