Division II player Phil Bledsoe of Glenville State had his college eligibility restored after erroneously using a rule that applies only to Division I players by declaring for the NBA draft and signing with an agent.

Bledsoe withdrew from the draft in favor of playing his senior season at Glenville State. The West Virginia school then had to deem him ineligible and file a reinstatement request, which the NCAA accepted, according to a published report.

Bledsoe used agent Jerry Dianis during the process. Dianis publicly urged the NCAA not to penalize Bledsoe due to the rule being perceived to be applicable to all college players, not just Division I athletes.

Bledsoe, a 6-foot-6 forward, averaged 19.9 points and 11.3 rebounds last season. He played his first seasons at Marshall before transferring to Glenville State.

The NCAA rule permits a Division I player to sign with a certified agent and retain eligibility during the NBA process but that doesn't apply to Division II or III players.

--Field Level Media

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