Christian Dawkins, a central figure in the national college basketball corruption scandal, was sentenced Thursday by a federal judge in New York to one year and one day in prison, multiple media outlets reported.

Dawkins, an aspiring sports agent/business manager, was convicted on two charges -- bribery and conspiracy to commit bribery -- in May after facing six separate charges.

He was previously sentenced to six months in prison for conspiracy to commit wire fraud in a separate trial in March, relating to a pay-for-play scheme involving Adidas. He will serve the six-month sentence first, before serving Thursday's sentencing.

Dawkins' conviction for the two most recent charges came after a two-week federal trial in New York, digging into alleged payoffs to prominent players and coaches in order to steer prospects to certain financial advisors and handlers.

U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos deemed Tuesday that Dawkins knew the gravity of what he was doing and was not "duped or misled." The judge added that he agreed with the government's argument that Dawkins gave false testimony to the jury.

"He was the one leading a lot of these conversations," Ramos said. "... He is a person who, by nature of his upbringing, knows better. He had opportunities to go a different way."

Steven Haney, Dawkins' attorney, said his client has appealed his previous case and will appeal this one as well.

"We're not done fighting," Haney said. "This was punitive. [The government] was mad he would not cooperate, mad he wouldn't snitch on college coaches. He was a bait fish that didn't wiggle on the hook like they wanted him to."

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