Quincy Crew run record to 6-0 in DPC NA Upper Division

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Quincy Crew run record to 6-0 in DPC NA Upper Division

Quincy Crew completed an impressive week in running their record to 6-0 on Sunday in the Dota Pro Circuit Season 1 North America Upper Division competition.

Quincy Crew swept SADBOYS 2-0, one day after they claimed first place on their own by beating previously undefeated Evil Geniuses.

In Sunday's later match, which concluded Week 5 action, Undying also remained just one game behind Quincy Crew by beating 4Zoomers in three maps.

The $205,000 Dota 2 event features eight teams competing in a round-robin format. All matches are best-of-three.

The championship side will receive $30,000, along with 500 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points and a berth in the DPC Major playoffs. The runner-up will get $28,000, plus 300 DPC points and a spot in the DPC Major group stage.

The bottom two teams in the standings will be relegated to the North America Lower Division for Season 2.

Quincy Crew, playing on red, won its two maps in 36 and 37 minutes.

Quinn "Quinn" Callahan of the U.S. led Quincy Crew with a kills-deaths-assists differential of 14.5-2.5-16.5 in Sunday's win, while David "dnm" Cossio was at 5.5-7.0-9.0 for SADBOYS.

Undying, playing on green, lost its first map in 53 minutes but took the last two in 39 and 35 minutes.

Jonathan Bryle "Bryle" Santos De Guia of Canada led Undying with a KDA of 12-4.0-11.7, while Nico "NiPGunnar" Lopez of the U.S. was at 10.0-3.7-8.7 for 4Zoomers.

SADBOYS will face 4Zoomers on Tuesday to begin Week 6.

Dota Pro Circuit Season 1 North America Upper Division standings, with win-loss record and map record:

1. Quincy Crew, 6-0, 12-2
2. Evil Geniuses, 5-1, 11-4
3. Undying, 5-1, 10-3
4. 4 Zoomers, 3-3, 8-6
5. SADBOYS, 2-4, 5-8
6. A-Team, 2-5, 4-10
7. Black N Yellow, 2-5, 5-11
8. 5ManMidas, 0-6, 1-12

--Field Level Media

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