The Los Angeles Valiant released Damon "Apply" Conti, Rick "GiG" Salazar and Caleb "McGravy" McGarvey from their Overwatch League roster on Saturday.

Apply (flex DPS), GiG (main tank) and McGravy (off-tank) helped L.A. finish eighth in the 2020 regular season and fifth-sixth in the North American playoff bracket.

"I am truly grateful for everything these 3 did for our team this year...Words won't be able to express that enough. Unfortunately, being a good coach means making difficult decisions," Valiant coach Michael "Packing10" Szklanny posted on Twitter. "Onward we strive for greatness, thank you again."

Remaining members of the active Valiant roster include Kyle "KSF" Frandanisa, Johannes "Shax" Nielsen, Sanglok "Dreamer" Song, JungWon "Lastro" Mun, Jae Ho "RaiN" Park and Kai "KSP" Collins.

--Field Level Media

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