Friday through Sunday games are on tap for the CFL in Week 13 of their regular season. It’s wonderful to see one and all back here at Scores and Stats. North of the Border has a double header for us to feast on this Saturday. Happenstance allows it to have our two games of interest. How does a team handle another Banjo Bowl victory over their dreaded rival? Can the best team in the league patch up some of the cracks that are appearing in their formerly solid play? We have the previews and some of the answers to these questions right now here at the S&S.

Fresh Off of Banjo Bowl Victory

In a world where college football sells almost every name to a post season game, the CFL sticks to tradition in the monikers to their rivalry games. Take for instance the Banjo Bowl. This is the second game in a row where Saskatchewan and Winnipeg meet up. The label was created out of sheer malice for the other team. A place kicker of all people in Winnipeg back to 2003 referred to the fans of Regina as a bunch of banjo picking inbreds. With this, the gauntlet has been present ever since.

So with Winnipeg winning this game 17-10, the Blue Bombers now host the Argonauts in a Saturday afternoon game at 2PM ET. The Blue Bombers six game winning streak has saved the job of embattled coach Mike O'Shea.  Players have responded to the need to keep coach around. Now they are getting the respect of the oddsmakers being a touchdown favorite in this one.

Game of the Week

The only game with two teams with winning records is the second part of the double header on Saturday the 17th. Ottawa (5-4-1) is the only team in the East with a winning record. They now have the dubious task of having to travel out west to visit the best team in the league. Calgary (9-1-1) has reeled off eight wins in a row but these two do have the only tie in the CFL this year.

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An opening line in double digits at -10 for the home Stampeders has been nibbled on by the betting public on Ottawa. Cracks are starting to show in the foundation of this epic Calgary winning streak. Penalties are becoming rampant, secondary are blowing some coverages for jail break chances. With this teams grinding mentality, the pass defense is going to cost them a regular season game. Sports investors realize this and are all too happy to take Ottawa plus the points for value here.

Two big favorites in part of their long winning streaks coming into this one. Drew Willy's trade from the Blue Bombers to Toronto will have some impact for sentimental reason in Winnipeg Saturday afternoon. Calgary might be stretched to the limit as Ottawa had the bye week to shake things up. Look for Trevor Harris to make a stand and try to salvage the RedBlacks season. Good fortune in these games and we will look at the Sunday game next time here at Scores and Stats.

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