Iowa State coaches and athletic department staff agreed to a one-year pay cut that will save the school more than $4 million, athletic director Jamie Pollard said.

"It is critical that we take action today so we are as prepared as possible for a new normal when our society can re-engage," Pollard said in a news release.

The loss of income from the NCAA amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic caused Pollard to pursue salary adjustments. Coaches also will pass on any achieved bonuses.

Spring sports were called off not long after the NCAA ended the men's and women's college basketball seasons and other spring sports before the respective championships could be played. The Big 12 men's basketball tournament was entering play on Thursday, March 12, when college basketball came to a screeching halt.

College football is the largest revenue-driving sport at Iowa State and many other Power 5 programs.

There is no indication the season could be canceled but there is speculation games could be delayed if the virus outbreak isn't stemmed by midsummer.

Iowa State already expects a shortfall of more than $5 million, Pollard said.

"We can now turn our attention to solving many other issues in the coming months," he said.

--Field Level Media

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