Betting NFL Futures in Light of The NFL Draft

Betting NFL Futures in Light of The NFL Draft

NFL Futures Odds for winning the next season’s division title, AFC and NFC title and Super Bowl are directly tied to knee-jerk reactions by the betting public. The initial odds released by online sportsbooks are heavily tied to last season’s results. New England wins another Super Bowl so it is immediately ordained as the favorite to win again. The Los Angeles Rams are coming off a trip to the Super Bowl, so they get the initial distinction as being the favorite to win the NFC again in 2019.

Future Bets Explained - With a future bet, you are betting on season long action

Early Offseason Betting Impacts

As the offseason progresses, the first major impact on NFL futures odds is free agency. A few key gains can boost a team’s odds for a division or conference title while a few key losses in key player personnel can cause a team to quickly lose favor with the betting public. The perfect example of this phenomenon is the Cleveland Browns and the AFC North as a whole.

Last year’s improvement to seven wins with Baker Mayfield as the Browns’ new franchise quarterback provided an immediate boost to their betting stock. Behind a very active free agency period that filled some pressing needs, Cleveland is currently favored to win the AFC North this season ahead of Pittsburgh, which lost one of the premier wide receivers in the league.

NFL Draft Betting Impacts

The next big knee-jerk reaction for bettors is this week’s NFL Draft in Nashville. The first 32 players will come off the board on Thursday night in the opening round followed by Rounds 2 and 3 on Friday night ahead of the final four rounds on Saturday afternoon. 

The Arizona Cardinals along with the Miami Dolphins have the longest odds on the board to win Super Bowl LIV at +10000. They are also expected to take former Oklahoma quarterback and 2018 Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray with the first overall pick of the draft. If that happens, their Super Bowl odds may come down a bit. However, if the Cardinals go in a different direction or trade the top pick away, that could have some major betting implications for whichever team does go on to land Murray.

It has been speculated that the New York Giants will use their first round pick on a quarterback as the replacement for veteran Eli Manning. They have the longest odds to win the NFC East at +1200, but if the Giants find a way to draft Murray or former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, you could see some serious downward movement on those long odds.

One of the tightest division races on the NFL futures board is the NFC North with Chicago, Green Bay, and Minnesota all listed at +200 odds to win followed by Detroit at +1000. Whichever team in that three-way logjam grades out the highest after the draft should end up with the best odds to win based on the new money coming in.

Rookies have always made an impact on a team’s fortunes in their initial season, but not to the extent where it results in a longshot winning its division, let alone a conference championship or Super Bowl. It all comes down to perceived value. A strong draft registers with avid football fans looking to cash in on some futures bets for their favorite team.

Top Sleeper Prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft

The debate over which team will win the NFC East next season between Dallas and Philadelphia leans slightly towards the Eagles according to the betting odds at most online sportsbooks. If the Cowboys get an A+ for their draft and Philly gets a B or lower for its new additions, do not be surprised to see Dallas listed as the new favorite heading into training camp later this summer.

Betting NFL futures ahead of the draft comes down to the accuracy of your crystal ball for this week’s proceedings in Nashville. Buy now if you think your team is going to knock it out of the park over the three-day draft. Certain bandwagons tend to fill up fast if the right team grades out high in the draft.

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