How to Bet On Sports | Sharps vs. Squares

How to Bet On Sports | Sharps vs. Squares

When it comes to betting on sports, everyone is always looking for that magical edge when it comes to beating the books. There is a reason why there are so many successful offshore sportsbooks operating online these days, which should tell you which side gets the best of things on a regular basis.

There are basically two sides to sports bettors as well; the professionals which are commonly referred to as Sharps and the general betting public which is often referred to as Squares. Being a sharp has a very positive connotation with the picture of someone cashing in winning tickets on a regular basis. Squares are looked upon as recreational bettors making their weekly donations to their favorite online betting outlet. Not everyone can be a sharp, but with some time, patience and added effort on your part, you do not have to be destined to be a square.

One betting strategy to help boost your overall winning percentage is to make the same bets that sharps make. This can be easier said than done. When a sharp or other type of professional betting syndicate does drop a huge money play in one of the Los Vegas sportsbooks or in one of the bigger online books, the betting line might move more than a half point in one direction of the other. Unless you are monitoring betting line movements on a regular basis, these higher than normal moves may go unnoticed. You would have to remain vigilant at constantly scouring the betting boards across a wide selection of books to track any of the line moves that could be traced back to a large amount of ‘smart money’ bet on that particular game.

The best way to emulate a sharp and avoid being a square is to follow some of their betting traits while avoiding all the pitfalls that are commonly attributed to the betting habits of the general public.

Sharps are very calculated bettors in search of the best value on the board or a potential soft betting line. They bet on sports for a living so they have the proper resources and an abundant amount of time to put into their efforts. A sharps works with a number of betting outlets to get the best odds when placing their actual bets. They tend to place a high percentage of their bets on lines when they are first released. One of the biggest attributes of a sharp is a high level of betting patience. They do not bet for the sake of adding action to a game; they bet to win.

Some of the betting tendencies to avoid as a square include betting on the lines right before the start of a game out of haste, not planned timing. They also tend to bet on sporting events that are carried nationally on TV just so they can watch the game. Squares will lean towards betting on their favorite teams either consciously or subconsciously. They also tend to stick with their favorite sportsbook as opposed to shopping for the best lines across a wider selection of betting outlets.

Some squares get caught up in multi-team parlays looking at the big payout as opposed to the poor odds associated with these types of bets. Squares also tend to avoid doing their homework on a particular team or game to uncover a few key factors that can have an impact on the eventual outcome. Finally, squares are heavily influenced by outside sources when it comes to formulating their actual picks

By taking into consideration the things that sharps do to aid their winning percentage on sports bets, while minimizing the mistakes that often plague square bettors, you will give yourself the best chance to improve your current return on investment for your all of your online sports betting activity.

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