How to Bet On Sports | Taking Advantage of Betting Line Movements

How to Bet On Sports | Taking Advantage of Betting Line Movements

The sole purpose of any betting line is to move money equally across all the betting action coming in. In head-to-head matchups between football and basketball teams, this is accomplished with the use of a pointspread. When it comes to sports such as baseball and hockey, the betting odds are presented as a moneyline. Just about every major betting sport allows you to bet the OVER or UNDER on scoring with the use of a total line. The one main thing that every one of these betting lines has in common is that once they are released by each online sportsbook taking action on any particular sports betting event, they will be impacted by the early money coming in.

It is important to think of betting lines as the great equalizer in any matchup. The numbers are set to push money one way or the other. When money starts to heavily accumulate on one side as opposed to the other, the online betting outlet taking the action is likely to move that line in the opposite direction to try and shift some of the new money in the other direction. This is not an exact science since the betting public tends to lean towards favorites on pointspread and moneyline bets while also leaning towards the OVER on the total line.

As a sports bettor looking for that all-important edge against the online books, paying close attention to how and why a betting line does move once it is released can help you accomplish one.

Betting line movements tend to be made in two different ways. Subtle half-point moves with a pointspread or total line tend to signify that the betting public’s early money is going one way or the other. The other type of betting line move can be more dramatic in nature such as a whole point or more one way or the other based on large single bets from a sharp or other type of professional betting syndicate. These are the type of line moves that can offer the best value to the average recreational bettor looking for that added edge. This is especially true if the money is moving away from the favorite in any matchup.

Following betting line movements caused by sharp action are not always easy to detect unless you are paying extremely close attention to every line movement from the time they are first released right up until kickoff, tip-off, the first pitch or the drop of the puck. Sometimes, the pros will bet one way early in the day in hopes of moving the line enough to hedge things later in the day with an even larger bet on the other side. Without the proper inside information, trying to time your bets to mirror what the sharps are doing is not always a realistic betting strategy.

Where tracking line movements on a regular basis can help increase the overall winning percentage of all of your sports bets is when it come your individual handicapping efforts. If you see a line move in your favor, then this should add even more confidence to your predicted outcome. If you start to see the line move away from your original position, you should take a step back and try and find out why before you pull the trigger on an actual bet.

Line movements are generally related to current betting action, but you also need to be aware of any other tangible factors that could be moving the numbers such as updated injury lists, changes in weather reports for outside games, or other player personnel moves right before the start of the game.


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