The NFL is an attraction to the online sports gambler because of the action that it brings week in and week out. Honestly, there really is no other sport to properly make a comparison. We are talking about, for gambling purposes. As an avid gambler on the NFL, you must always remember something; the fans see this entire picture very differently than do gamblers.

People that bet on the NFL care about one thing and one thing only; their investment! Gambling on the NFL is an investment and it must be protected. Just as with any other investment, you need good advice and principled decision making. The lack of knowledge will suffocate the average gambler. Knowledge is a must if you want to win and want to win consistently.

If you are finding that the NFL has become a challenge this season, then don’t go it alone. Get help. Find knowledgeable people that study this game every single week, every single play. They are big winners every week and you should be winning right along with them. Make this your year and follow people that really know the game. Make your sportsbook start paying you for once.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are still the same old Chiefs and the gambler should be very slow to abandon them. They are a very good team that had a very bad day. It happens, it’s the NFL and this happens from time to time. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. One really bad half will not dictate an entire rest of the season, and there’s a chance this weeks scores and odds will reflect that.

The Chiefs are the one team that has the talent to rebound from their miscues and get back up stronger than ever. There is still a lot of season left and a lot of money to be made playing the Kansas City Chiefs. Jumping back on the Chiefs is a great idea because Vegas will lower their value, making them a great buy.

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Green Bay Packers

The Packers lost their best player and one of the best quarterbacks of all time. This is not an overstatement, this is the truth. Aaron Rodgers is that good and what he does for the Packers has that big of an impact.

The Packers simply can’t be the same without their leader.

Look to the online bookies to start going nuts over this one and sharply adjusting their weekly numbers. If the Packers win another game, it will be a surprise. They are already dealing with many team injuries and this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The Packers are done and hopes of a Super Bowl are almost sure but over.

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys must win this battle for Ezekiel Elliott, if they lose this battle, than they lose their season. Think of it like this; who’s out there that they can acquire to pick up at the running back spot for 6 games and have a sizable impact? Almost nobody. It’s a relatively bleak picture for the Cowboys in terms of finding another player to fill the gap.

At the present, it looks as if the Cowboys are going to lose Elliott in what has become a complicated legal fight between them and the NFL. Look for the Cowboys to struggle without Elliott just as they already have with him. Face it, the Cowboys are the same old mediocre Cowboys and losing Elliott for 6, makes them that much worse. The beauty of this whole deal is that Vegas loves the cowboys and so do the offshore books. Make them pay!

New England Patriots

Never give up on the Patriots. Remember, they are the reigning Super Bowl champions. They may not have played like it for most of these first few weeks, but they certainly have the capability to turn that around and in a hurry. Look for value in totals as the season continues to grow and as Brady continues to figure out what went wrong early.

Bookies love to undervalue a team’s scoring ability and as the weeks progress look for the champion Patriots to start scoring and scoring a lot! Until the Patriots turn the tide defensively, games will score a lot of points. It’s up to the Patriots to outscore their opponent and if the very recent past is any indication of how the season will trend, the totals are the play.

Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson is the savior in this town and Houston finds themselves as contenders to win the AFC South. Going into a bye this week is a good thing and should give them the rest and confidence going on the road for an always difficult trip to Seattle. How they respond after the bye will be telling and reveal a lot about the metal of the Texans.

Watson looks to be the shot in the arm that this team so desperately needed, and with JJ Watt out for the season, they are going to need their rookie to be a leader. He has shown that he can, and that he will. The Texans are going to be a great buy in terms of gambling value. The Seahawks are not that special, so keep your eye open for this one.

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This 2017 NFL season is definitely keeping things interesting. It’s been a fun one so far and one that has included many different plot lines. You can pretty much expect the same going forward. There will be easy money won and in very big numbers. This NFL craziness translates to easy wins for the gambler and nothing but frustration for Vegas and especially the top online sportsbooks.

Run to your favorite bookies website and get the money in now because there has simply never been a better time. The bookies are offering fantastic player bonuses and giving away even more now than they did at the beginning of the season. They are in a panic for one reason and one reason only; the players are beating them! This is the year for the player. Are you cashing in on the money windfall? Win big money and break the bookie.